Thursday, June 23, 2016

AK Balloon Run 3.0 2016 @ Avenue K

[AK Balloon Run 3.0]

Run, Fuchsia, Run!

After an adrenaline packed kick off for the last 2 years, AK Balloon Run 3.0 is back! The fuchsia themed fun run will congregate running aficionados in KL City Center on 28th August 2016, Sunday.

Date: 28th August 2016, Sunday
Venue : Main Entrance, Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 6.30am (Collection of Balloons) 7.30am (Flag Off)

Categories :
Men's Open 7km - RM55
Women's Open 7km - RM55
Men's Veteran 7km - RM55
Men's International 7km - RM55
Women's International 7km - RM55
Family Fun Run 5km - RM125

Race Kit Entitlement :
Limited Edition Sling Bag
Race Bib
Dry Fit Race Shirt
Pewter Coloured Medal

Cash Prizes & Lucky Draw Prizes total worth more than RM10,000

Manual Registration : Walk in via Avenue K, GF Info Counter
Hotline : +6010 2260345

Online registration is open.
Register Now :

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Media Release: Arnold Classic Asia 2016 Will Be Hosted in Hong Kong this August

Hong Kong, 14 June 2016, The world’s largest annual multi-sport festival is coming to Asia, with the inaugural Arnold Classic Asia being hosted in Hong Kong on 19-21 August 2016. An initiative of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is a celebration of sports, fitness and health that brings professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts together in an atmosphere of competition, learning and sharing. It’s a festival for the whole family to participate in. Tickets are now on sale at from HKD150 per adult, HKD80 for under 18 years and full-time students, and free entry for children under 12 years.

Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival will see global and local sports stars come together over one weekend. The debut festival will feature unique, non-stop sports competitions and interactive workshops from over 20 sports. From mind sports such as chess and Rubik’s Cube, to table tennis, skip rope, rugby, arm-wrestling, weight lifting, cycling, yoga, rowing, martial arts such as tai chi, judo, krav maga, kung fu and more. Attendees will also be able discover the latest in health and wellness trends, with the chance to engage with over 300 participating brands.

Established in the US 40 years ago, the festival has an international following on 6 continents including North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and now Asia. Over 500,000 people around the world have attended an Arnold Classic in the last year, with over 30,000 athletes competing in 55 sports and events.

“Fitness teaches you things you could never learn in a classroom or boardroom. Fitness is a way of life. While internationally known as a business hub in the centre of Asia, Hong Kong has diversity even in sport, making it the ideal city to unite the Asian sports community at one event. I cannot wait to get to Hong Kong for the first Arnold Classic Asia. It will be unbelievable. We will have many sports there and some of the most powerful and muscular men and women. Join my fitness crusade. I'll see you in Hong Kong in August for the first annual Arnold Classic Asia!” says Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mr. Herman Hu, Mr. Vince Ng and Prof. Richard Petty

The Multi-Sport Festival is brought to Hong Kong by businessman Richard Petty, Chairman of Arnold Classic Asia. “Hong Kong’s community comes together in a positive way for a lot of things, but this will be the first festival of sport in the region that brings families, friends and brands together at one time. Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival will be a place for entertainment, education, inspiration and participation. Bringing this global festival to Hong Kong unites people with something for everyone,” comments Professor Petty.

The Hong Kong community has shown strong support for the festival, with sports communities throughout the city coming together for the first time. The Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival advisory committee, made up of the leading sports administers and coordinators in the city, under the guidance of Herman Hu Shao Ming 胡曉明, BBS, JP, Vice-President of The Sports Federation and Chairman of the Olympic Committee of Hong Kong SAR. "It is exciting to see so many Hong Kong sports come together at one festival. It is important to understand the importance of sport in every child’s life as it contributes to a successful future by teaching skills such as team work, having a goal, sharing, focus and reflection to always striving to better yourself. Arnold Classic Asia encourages families, and especially children to try out sports in a fun and safe environment, hopefully allowing them to benefit from sport in all aspects of their everyday lives." says Mr. Hu.

The Arnold Classic Asia Multi-Sport Festival is proud to have Alisports as a supporting partner. Alisports is organising an exciting Sports Festival in Beijing on July 18 that the team is delighted to support, Alisports "Mid Summer Olympic Night", a grand send-off to the Chinese Olympic delegation.

Arnold Classic IFBB Pro Show (Saturday 20 August, 6pm)

Additional to the festival, families and fitness enthusiasts can enjoy the debut Arnold Classic IFBB Pro Show. Watch the world’s strongest men demonstrate their formidable powers (and muscles) and see awe-inspiring Women’s Fitness showcases which combines gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and plyometrics with elegance and grace. The International Arnold Classic Pro Shows have a reputation for showcasing the best of the best IFBB champions, including current Arnold Classic bodybuilding champion, Kai Greene. Some of the all-time greats who have won Arnold Classic titles include Mr. Olympia champions Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson. Arnold Classic Asia will also see the world’s strongest men battle it out for the Arnold Asia Strongman Classic. Don’t miss the athletes attempting feats of great strength and world record attempts. Tickets are now on sale at from HKD 389.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Seminar (Sunday 21 August, 11am)

Hear from the greatest bodybuilder and 7 x Mr Olympia; Hollywood superstar; leading environmental advocate and businessman, and former Governor of California Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Don’t miss this inspirational talk from the man himself. Limited seats available. Tickets are now on sale at from HKD 350.

Perfect Dates For Ramadhan

In observing the Holy Month of Ramadhan, Malaysia’s leading premium fresh juice supplier, Juice Works, has launched its brand new Fresh Dates Shake available at all 25 kioks.

This delightfully refreshing shake is chockful of nutrition to make it the perfect pick-me-up for Buka Puasa. After all, dates have long been a traditional staple served on dining tables across the world for families, friends and associates to enjoy together after a day of fasting during this holy month.

These precious fruits are harvested from palm trees under the Arecaceae family, botanically named as Phoenix dactylifera. Believed to have originated from the fertile riverbanks of the Nile and Euphrates in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, dates have been harvested for many years by nomadic tribes and are now grown commercially for a worldwide market.

“These delicious dates taste incredible when blended together with fresh apple and orange juice and our popular low fat berries yoghurt to make it a very nutritious drink that is ideal for breaking fast,” explains Juice Works Malaysia Director Ling Mooi Li.

“We are excited about introducing this delicious drink in conjunction with the holy month of Ramadhan and this drink will be available on our menu between now and July 31. We are even more excited to introduce our Buy One Free One Date Shake promotion which will run from 6pm to 8pm daily until July 7. In Malaysia, all communities have come to celebrate the breaking of fast together in a unique way that is truly muhibbah. We at Juice Works Malaysia hope to play a part in serving our signature nutritious and delicious drinks throughout this holy month especially with a fruit that has always been a significant part of breaking fast.”

Dates Shake is a made-to-order concoction that is sensational with the natural sweetness of specially selected imported Honey Dates combined with freshly squeezed apple and orange juice to add a scintillating touch. Yoghurt, enhanced with antioxidant-rich berries, adds a lovely creaminess to the refreshing shake.

Dates have long enjoyed a reputation as fruits that taste as delicious as they are nutritious. They aid in constipation and soothe intestinal discomfort and diarrhea. Dates are also rich with essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, sulphur, potassium and magnesium, and are also a source of dietary fibre to help promote a comfortable passage of food through the intestinal tract.

What makes dates such an ideal companion especially after a day of fasting is in its ability to aid recovery. Many Muslims break fast by consuming dates, which helps them avoid incidences of overeating following a fast. As the body absorbs the rich nutrition offered by dates, it also helps to satiate hunger. Dates also help to regulate the digestive process, which is crucial after a fast. Additionally, dates boost energy levels well within an hour, as they are rich with natural sugar like fructose and glucose.

Aside from Dates Shake, Juice Works Malaysia offers over 30 choices led by the perennially popular Detox Juices range that includes carefully concocted drinks designed to support dietary goals, boost immune systems, soothe upset tummies or cleanse internal organs. The Berry Lovers range which blends zesty berries with low fat yoghurts and other energising fruits is also a favourite alongside Tropical Paradise which holds the key to a rich repertoire of the exotic delights of sunny regions such as dragon fruits, lychee, jackfruits, mangoes and melons.

Whether in need of a health supplement, a dietary support, or just the thrill of a chilled fresh drink on a sunny day, Juice Works Malaysia offers the finest natural ingredients to create that perfect drink.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Application for Ironman Ambassador Program is Now Open

Melbourne, Australia (June 6, 2016) IRONMAN® today launched the IRONMAN Brand Ambassador Program — Asia.

IRONMAN Brand Ambassadors will spread the word of IRONMAN across their corner of the globe, promoting the sport and the healthy lifestyle that goes with it.

In return, each ambassador will become an honorary member of the IRONMAN family, receiving money can't buy experiences, access to races, athletes and pros and receive an exclusive range of IRONMAN merchandise not available to the general public.

"The IRONMAN Brand Ambassador Program is a once in a lifetime opportunity to become a part of the IRONMAN family and introduce the life changing experience that the IRONMAN way of life offers to your local community,” IRONMAN Asia Managing Director Geoff Meyer said.

How to Apply
Online applications for the IRONMAN Ambassador Program - Asia.

Step 1
Submit your Written Application Form.

Step 2
Record And Upload Your One Minute Application Video.

Step 3
Submit your application.

The first round of successful IRONMAN Ambassadors will be announced at the end of June 2016!
If you have any questions or queries regarding the IRONMAN Ambassador Program — Asia, please feel free to contact

For more information, click HERE.

Monday, June 13, 2016

How Do Muslim Runners Train In The Fasting Month?

How to you get through a month of fasting while maintaining your love for running? How do you fast and train for that big ass race around the corner? We have spoken to our Muslim runner friends on how they train during Ramadan. Let's hear from them. Perhaps you could pick up a tip or two.

Amelia Musa, PDRM Long Distance Runner
“My training during fasting month is still the same as normal days. The only difference is I have to endure hunger and thirst during the later part of the day. In the morning, I don't feel hunger or thirst that much because of "sahur". The training is harder in the evening but I take it as a challenge to test my mental strength and physical endurance. At night, I usually refuel with carbohydrate-rich food and drink a lot of water."

Arman Arshad, Co-founder of Team Pacat
"I maintain my mileage as usual - 3-5km a day, either easy run in the evening or tempo run at night after the Terawih prayer. During weekends, I’d go for trail run, around 10- 15km. For breaking of fast, I consume more fruit and dates. No gym in Ramadan except HIIT exercise once a week. I will also add one hour of sleep during lunch time on top of the normal 8 hours."

Eliza Noordin, Founder of
“I run at night, after Terawih (after 11pm). If I am too tired to run at night, I would run in the morning 3am, also during weekends as I can get my husband to accompany me. Have your targets and cycles during Ramadan, be it fitness or rituals. Look for running buddies so that you can run at night or early in the morning without worry much about safety. It is also much easier to keep to routine with partners/buddies. Don't be shy to perform usual running routines when you are not fasting (this applies to privileged ladies only). It’s very important to get enough sleep throughout Ramadan.”

Jaydee Mohamad, Berita Harian Journalist
“There is nothing wrong with running during fasting, however the pace or intensity should be reduced. I run for 30minutes to 1 hour before fasting. Brisk walking can be practiced as it is less strenuous than running.”

Marlina Ibrahim, Blogger/ Ultramarathon Runner
“Running during fasting month is not a problem if you have desire, discipline and the will to put the effort into it. I reduce the intensity of my run when I am fasting. On weekdays, I run in the gym before the breaking of fast. On weekends, I’d feel more comfortable running at night after 10pm or before the end of Sahur.”

Mohd Azmi, Blogger/ Marathon Maniac
“My running plan stays the same during fasting month, but I changed the timing. When not fasting, I usually run after my office hours. During fasting month, I run at night after my Terawih prayer when the body has more energy after the tummy is already filled. I would do around 5-10km. I prefer carbohydrate-rich food like rice for berbuka."

Rashid Mat Rani, Ultron Running Movement 5F Captain
“Running during fasting month is harder because we can’t eat or drink as usual. The focus during Ramadan is to increase ibadat (religious rites), so the run intensity is reduced. I would do more easy run and less speed training. On weekdays, I run before berbuka and during weekends, I do my long run after Terawih prayer."

Razif Yahya, Ultra Trail Runner/ Salomon Malaysia Ambassador
“Training goes on as usual during the fasting month. The only difference is – I run at night. Since 2013, I would do my run after the Terawih prayer, starting at 10pm in Putrajaya, around 10-21km. Sometimes, I run in the morning, before Sahur, around 10km. It is advisable to drink plenty of water and eat fruit with high water content like watermelon to keep your body hydrated after you have broke your fast.”

Rozmi Yunus, SCKLM Pacer/ Action Pix Malaysia
“This year I have to train because I have agreed to become a 3:30 pacer for the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016. My task is quite heavy since I have to pace for the other runners, not myself. My training schedule is like normal days, 30-40 minutes in moderate pace on weekdays and 10-15km LSD during weekends.”

Shaharudin Hashim, Nike Coach
“During fasting month, I train before the breaking of fast. It is tougher on the first week, but it gets easier after that. Rice is a must for my Sahur meal for all-day energy. I do my “loading” during Sahur. It is also important to get your body hydrated before you start fasting. For breaking fast, I start with dates, followed by some fruit."

Edan Syah, Marathoner/ Lucozade Sport Ambassador
"I still train at night during Ramadhan month from 9pm - 11pm, which is my usual routine. For runners, I would suggest to reduce your intensity of running i.e. your speed of running and how hard you run. You can run longer but with a very easy pace. You can still maintain your running duration or mileage but not really in an intense way. Just train and be consistent."

Runwitme Says: It’s important to have some fluids with vitamins, such as fruit juice or fruit for Sahur and breaking fast. Some people have isotonic drinks, such as Lucozade Sport. Specially formulated to improve hydration, Lucozade Sport Orange has carbohydrates to provide energy while electrolytes to help to replace any lost salts. In this way, Lucozade Sport™ Orange allows athletes like you to maintain their endurance and performance during fasting and prolonged exercise.

How do you train during fasting month? Leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Media Release: Nivea Empower Run 2016 - Defy Boundaries with NIVEA Pearl & Beauty

Setia Alam, 5 June 2016 - Sweating is a natural part of the human function to keep our body cool and comfortable in order to maintain our average body temperature. It prevents us from overheating especially when we are performing strenuous activities in warm or hot weather conditions. However, as good as it sounds, when combined with bacteria found on our skin, sweat emits an odor that is not to our liking. With that the aisles of supermarkets, mini markets, and even pharmacies are fully stocked with deodorants in various sizes, scents and formulas offering no solution but a difficult decision to find the best suitable deodorant.

Choosing a deodorant that fits you best could be quite stressful, but with NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Deodorant, fret no more! With ingredients that are gentle on skin and precious pearl extract to nourish the underarms, it provides a fresher, smoother, and pearly-white skin. It also gives a 48-hour protection against sweat and odor, ensuring underarm freshness as well as an all-day confidence boost.

For many years, NIVEA has been encouraging women to pursue their aspirations, materialize their goals and uncover their potentials that lie within themselves. NIVEA has always been supporting women empowering initiatives by reaching out to the needy ones. They support endeavors by providing them with skills and the confidence to secure jobs which in return improve their living conditions and brighten their future.

This year, in the spirit of empowering women, NIVEA Pearl & Beauty organized the NIVEA EMPOWER RUN 2016 on the 5th of June (Sunday). Opening its doors nationwide, everyone was given the chance to participate in the run to empower women by registering online. In May, each participant was given a running kit that included the NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Deodorant spray, NIVEA Empower Run t-shirt, tutu skirt, running bib and goods from Watsons. Participants were encouraged to put on the tutu skirt provided in the running kit as a symbol of femininity and to strongly show that women can achieve anything even in their most elegant way.

Over 2000 participants turned up before the break of dawn for the NIVEA EMPOWER RUN at Setia City Mall, Oval Field that was set up for the occasion. Pumped up and ready to run, the participants had the chance to meet and greet their favourite local celebrities Atilia Haron a well-known R&B singer and health enthusiast, Eyka Farhana an upcoming actress and model along with Nadia Heng, Miss Malaysia 2010 who also took on the role as the emcee of the day!

Before starting the run, the participants were given NIVEA bio-degradable balloons. The run begins with participants raising their hands with confidence and released the balloons into the air. This activity symbolizes the act of defying all boundaries. During the run, participants made their way to the photo booth where they got to snap amazing photos together with their running buddies. After pumping their adrenaline to complete the 5km fun run, participants finished their run with the third and final activity station whereby they had to make their way through the Pearl & Beauty Experience. Here, they got to feel rejuvenated with the empowering freshness of NIVEA Pearl & Beauty deodorant. Besides the activities within the race, the participants also got to have some fun with the White Ball Treasure Hunt whereby they stood a chance to win other great prizes.

While cooling off with 100 Plus and Ice Mountain Mineral Water provided at the water station, participants were serenaded by Atilia Haron who gave a beautiful rendition of the NIVEA Women Empowerment theme song. Besides taking home the medal for completing the thrilling run some lucky participants also walked away with fantastic lucky draw prizes at the finale of the event.

Being a part of this run not only benefited the runners and created the awareness for NIVEA Pearl & Beauty Deodorant but it also gave the needy women a brighter future. Participants indirectly contributed towards helping the poor and needy as NIVEA donated the profits from the run to a charity organization ‘For Wisdom & Revolutionary Development (FORWARD)'. FORWARD is an NGO accustomed towards helping the needy community by imparting proper training so that the needy can earn their bread and send their kids for proper educations.

"We are encouraging everyone to join us in helping the poor and needy. We are not here to give handouts which will only provide temporary relief; what we want to do is to equip them with the necessary skills and training so that they can earn a living." said Ng Hock Guan Country Manager for Beiersdorf Malaysia & Singapore at the NIVEA Empower Run.

He further added, "Empowering Women has always been a platform for NIVEA to encourage women to reach for their dreams. Women should not put limitations on themselves as we believe that with the correct guidance, dreams are achievable."

Working together, NIVEA and FORWARD aims to help the needy and free them from poverty.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Media Release: BDB Climb and Run Langkawi 2016 Brings a New Challenge to Sports and Running Enthusiasts

LANGKAWI, 4 June 2016 – More than 300 participants sweated it out as they climbed the 4287 steps at Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan (Steps of Thousand Memories) and ran 15km to the finishing line during the BDB Langkawi Climb and Run 2016 here today. The event started at 7am and the runners were flagged –off in 4 waves by Kedah Tourism Executive Committee chairman, Dato‟ Hj. Rawi bin Abdul Hamid and Bina Darulaman‟s Group Managing Director, Dato‟ Izham Yusoff.

Winner of the inaugural race in the Women‟s Open category, Tahira Najmunisaa, 27 commented “this is a very unique race, combining climbing of steps and running. With proper training anyone can attempt this. I am very happy that the event is well-organised and hopes to come back next year.”

Elana Balan, 28, a tourist from Russia saw the promotion of the race on the flight on the way to Malaysia, decided to travel from Penang and run the race for fun. She said, “This race is challenging but I am glad I came to Langkawi to run this (BDB Climb and Run Langkawi 2016) and experience the beauty of the island. The scenery along the steps and on top of Gunung Raya is simply breath-taking, and I can‟t wait to go back to Russia to tell my friends and family about this experience.”

Winner of the Men‟s Open category, a TLDM personnel based in Lumut, his win at BDB Climb and Run 2016 is his 10th win in the span of 6 months. “The greatest challenge for me is the discipline to climb the 4,287 steps to the height of 781 meters above sea level.” Robert Baxter, 29, a South African national working in Kuala Lumpur won the 2nd runner-up in Men‟s Open category commented, “the route is well-marked with helpful event marshalls.

The view along the route is beautiful and I really enjoyed the challenging course.” Winners of both the Men‟s Open and Women‟s Open category brought home RM1500 cash, a pair of Oakley sports sunglasses and cash vouchers from sports brand, Brooks. Supplementary categories „King and Queen of the Steps‟ saw the participants who completed the steps in the fastest time bringing home domestic flight tickets from Firefly plus a pair of Oakley sports sunglasses each.

Prizes were presented by BDB Group Managing Director, Dato‟ Izham Bin Yusoff. Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB) is the title sponsor for the BDB Langkawi Climb and Run 2016. Brooks, Oakley, and Firefly are partners for the event, while Geo Park Inn in Kuah, Langkawi is the official accommodation partner.

“We are pleased with the results of the BDB Langkawi Climb and Run as the energy level was high throughout the morning. It was an exhilarating experience to see all of the participants making a beeline up the stairs of Tangga Helang Seribu Kenangan. This event is unique as runners get to enjoy climbing and running in the lush rain forest surrounded by nature” said Dato‟ Izham Bin Yusoff, BDB Group Managing Director.

The BDB Langkawi Climb and Run is the first in a series of events under the BDB Triple Challenge 2016. The BDB Triple Challenge 2016 aims to attract running, climbing, and fitness enthusiasts both locally and internationally to experience the lush attractions Kedah has to offer while partaking in a world class event.

In addition to the BDB Langkawi Climb and Run, the BDB Extreme Jitra, happening on 10 September 2016, and the BDB Marathon Jitra, happening on 26 November, will see participants running, climbing, and going through obstacles in the heart of Kedah. “The success of the BDB Langkawi Climb and Run paved the way for the remaining events under the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 series. We hope that the participants will also join us in September as we have planned several exciting challenges for the BDB Extreme Jitra. And do not forget to explore the beauty Kedah has to offer,” exclaimed Dato‟ Izham.

As part of the Discover Kedah 2016 campaign, a plethora of activities has been planned throughout the year in addition to the BDB Triple Challenge 2016. Several local fruits festivals, arts and cultural outreach programmes and festivals, motorsports events and traditional games festival are just amongst the activities that will surely attract visitors and tourists from both locally and internationally.

“Kedah has a rich culture and a very prominent history as one of the oldest civilization in Southeast Asia. There are countless of untapped assets and areas with very high potential hence we are very pleased with BDB for coming forward and organising the BDB Triple Challenge 2016.

We hope that other companies will follow suit and organise other sustainable tourism activities to further promote Kedah as a tourism hub especially in conjunction with the Discover Kedah 2016 campaign,” commented Kedah Tourism Executive Committee chairman, Dato‟ Hj. Rawi bin Abdul Hamid. The BDB Triple Challenge 2016 is expected to boost Kedah‟s tourism, economic growth, and provide further opportunities for local businesses as well as the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Kedah.

It is the first event organised by Minds@work, with Bina Darulaman as the title sponsor. Bina Darulaman Berhad (BDB) is an investment holding company responsible for the development of township, construction, road works, quarry, golf, and leisure via its subsidiaries in Kedah.

Incorporated on 7 February 1995, BDB has been a key player in Kedah‟s development contributing to many landmark achievements such as Bandar Darulaman, Trans Eastern Kedah Interland Highway (TEKIH), Langkawi International Airport, and Darulaman Golf and Country Club.

More information on the BDB Triple Challenge 2016 is available at and to register for Extreme Jitra 206 and Marathon Jitra 2016, head over to

Media Release: Boh Eco Trail 2016 – 600 Runners Put On Their Running Shoes For Peat’s Sake

SELANGOR, 28 May 2016 – BOH Plantations Bukit Cheeding tea garden made an inspiring backdrop for 600 participants of the BOH Eco Trail 2016. Set amidst acres of tea bushes interspersed with tall coconut and oil palm trees, participants of the 8km charity Run had the unique opportunity of running through BOH’s Tea Garden which is rarely open to public. The key highlight was certainly the privileged access given to Runners into a restricted section of the adjacent Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve (KLNFR) to fully appreciate the rationale behind the Run.

At the flag off for the Run, Ms Caroline Russell, CEO of BOH Plantations said, “Many of us are not aware of this special forest with its unique flora and fauna, just off the Elite Highway. By organising the Run here with the special trail into the Forest Reserve, the public has the chance to experience a natural peat swamp forest first hand and understand the threats to it. We hope the Run will help raise awareness for this delicate ecosystem which is held in balance by the peat deep beneath the surface of the land.”

All proceeds from the registration fees for BOH Eco Trail 2016, totalling RM 28,000 were channelled to the Global Environment Centre (GEC), a regional non-profit organisation committed to work on environmental issues of global importance. GEC supports the protection of the environment and sustainable use of natural resources through strategic partnerships with communities and like-minded organisations. BOH has been in collaboration with GEC since 2015 to support educational initiatives for the KLNFR conservation programme.

“With the growing vulnerability of forest fires in the area, especially with the El Nino (hot and dry) season, we stand to lose this protected green lung if practical and strategic preventive measures are not stepped up and the public educated on conscientious initiatives to curb potential fire hazards that threaten the natural environment conducive for peats. A major cause of the haze of late has been the burning of peat which results in a huge amount of smoke due to incomplete combustion. With this happening at the doorstep of Kuala Lumpur, it has a direct impact on the poor air quality in the city.

“All the proceeds of the Run will be donated towards the Peatland Forest Ranger Programme. Training camps, talks and exhibitions will be organised at participating schools, including two Orang Asli primary schools, to sensitise the younger generation on this issue. In particular, this initiative aims to raise awareness of peat swamp forest conservation among the younger generation,” Russell shared.

The Run complements BOH’s other support which includes drain mapping and blocking for water flow management, training in fire fighting and fire patrolling programmes that draw on the involvement of various stakeholders in the government, private and local communities. Fire fighting equipment was also donated to the Bukit Cheeding Village to empower villagers to suppress potential fires while installation of the Fire Danger Rating System warning signs have provided early warning of potential fires and haze events.

Mr Faizal Parish, Director of GEC, echoed Russell’s view for urgent attention on biodiversity conservation of peat swamp forest. “Peatland forests are the most important ecosystem globally for preventing global warming and Malaysia has the third largest surface area with this type of forest. In their natural state, peat swamp forests rarely burn. However, excessive draining of water can lead to the peat being susceptible to fires.

“In recent years, fires in neighbouring areas have spread into the KLNFR and damaged part of the forest reserve. Unfortunately, many of the fires are a result of human action either directly or inadvertently such as cigarette butts being thrown out of car windows along the Elite highway. Whichever the case, this has a direct effect on human health due to the haze which results from the peat fires.

"It is our hope that the BOH Eco Trail 2016 will result in people becoming more appreciative of the unique peat swamp forest ecosystem and proactively offering to help address the risk the forest is facing. Let’s together make a difference to safeguard our natural heritage for generations to come. The KLNFR has significant potential as a conservation, education, recreation and ecotourism resource. It is also crucial for the Orang Asli communities that depend on the forest for resources,” concluded Mr Parish.

The BOH Eco Trail 2016 is supported by the Selangor State Forestry Department, the Kuala Langat District Council and Fitness First Malaysia. It is the second charity Run organised by BOH Plantations. The inaugural Run was the BOH Highland Run in 2014 during which all proceeds were channelled to Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) in support of a conservation project in the highlands.

As part of the highlights during the Run, participants were treated to a showcase of Orang Asli handicrafts including how clothes are made from kulit kayu terap. All these items are made using wood and other materials sourced within KLFNR.

Also involved in making the BOH Eco Trail 2016 a success was the event's official apparel, Ultron. Other sponsors included Konica Minolta ICE-μ™, Lucky Frozen Sdn. Bhd., MBG Sdn. Bhd., RAM Credit Information Sdn. Bhd., Tollyjoy Malaysia, and Vista Eye Specialist.

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