Monday, September 18, 2006

A Sunday of Wave, Fox and Dogs

Orange Wave Posted by Picasa

Write -up in Progress (Heheh! What's New??)

Run! Mizuno! Run! Posted by Picasa

Tiny Orange Ants?? Posted by Picasa

Endurance Drink...Very Diluted...(Yucks!) Posted by Picasa

Up We Go..The Double Hills Posted by Picasa

KL Skyline - See KLCC Twin Tower and KL Tower Posted by Picasa

The Parliament Posted by Picasa

KL - Garden City Posted by Picasa

2 more km.... Posted by Picasa

Finishing...Few more steps... Posted by Picasa

Big Shoe Making An Appearance Again Posted by Picasa

Mizuno Wave Run 2006 Finisher Medal Posted by Picasa

Terry Fox Run, Kuala Lumpur Posted by Picasa

Largest Turn Up for terry Fox Run in KL Posted by Picasa

Breakfast: Nasi Lemak from Mizuno Run Posted by Picasa

...and free-flowing SF Coffee. Yum! Posted by Picasa

Impossible to Run Posted by Picasa

Trail Running Along The Drain Posted by Picasa

Flora Posted by Picasa

Smile! Posted by Picasa

How Sweet! This Senior Couple Seen Holding Hands in the run. Posted by Picasa

Tun Abdul Razak Memorial Posted by Picasa

Slope Posted by Picasa

She Ain't Heavy, She's My Daughter Posted by Picasa

Bird Park - World Largest Posted by Picasa

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