Monday, February 13, 2006

Puteri Gunung Ledang – The Musical

Spoiler Alert! What? Puteri Gunung Ledang – The Musical

Where? Istana Budaya When? 12 February 2006/ 3:00pm

At the Istana Budaya Grand Foyer

At the Circle 3 Entrance

In The Hall

Everybody, go watch this musical! Nevermind the Hang Tuah is genetically Scottish. Nevermind Nenek Kebayan looks like Sadako (The female ghost from The Ring) with a bad perm. Nevermind Sultan Mahmud moves like a John Travolta and Michael Jackson hybrid. Just watch it. PGL-The Musical is a groundbreaking musical for a Malaysian production.

Mystical script. Memorable songs. Elaborate costumes. Dazzling choreography. Stunning cast. Impressive set. Hey, the set designer really worked with the concept of “If you can’t get the audience to Mt. Ledang, bring Mt. Ledang to audience, and mind you, the mountain is complete with a waterfall!! I actually didn’t plan to go for the show. I was bored to death at home. I planned to run but my feet ached from yesterday’s circuit training. After reading the raving good review of the musical in The Sunday Star, I decided to try my luck on the ticket. It was my lucky day indeed as I managed to get one of the last two tickets available. Not a very good seat but cheap. They said beggar couldn’t be chooser, so I took the ticket and paid RM31.50 for it.

Puteri Making an Entrance

Stolen Shots For almost three hours solid, I was spellbound with the profound sights and sound. (Erm..why am I talking in rhyme? Must be the effect of the musical). Thank God, that I brought my little binoculars. So, even though I was far away from the stage, I still could see the expressions on the actors’ faces. Tiara is very pretty from afar. Heheh! I secretly took some pictures too, even though they turned out not that good.

Two lovers hugging near the waterfall. Tangkap Khalwat! Heheh!

Y.M.C.A....: )

Hurray! Thank God for those 24-hour protection deodorant.

Tiara mobbed. After the show was over, I saw Tiara walking out to the lobby to meet her husband. Quickly, I walked towards her and politely asked for an autograph. I was prepared for a time like this. After a few musical shows I learned that the cast would normally come out to meet the fans after the show. So, took out my felt-tipped pen and passed it to Tiara.

Tiara...Up Close and Personal Tiara was still in her make-up but no longer in costumes. She looked as pretty on stage as in person. I do not have to use my binoculars any more. Graciously, Tiara signed my CD (Remixes from The Musical), and posed for photograph. I was swooning over the moon. More and more people crowed around her. Adlin – the dude who played Sultan Mahmud, joined her later. I waited for Stephen Rahman-Hughes to make his appearance but his nostrils were nowhere to be seen. So, I have to make do with just one autograph on the CD.

From Tiara With Love Note: The CD that I bought from the souvenir counter is actually a “home-burned” CD-rom, containing 5 remixed tracks (including Keranamu Kekasih and Di Puncak Tertinggi) from the musical. It doesn’t have track listing on the sleeve. I think the sleeve is also printed using a computer – hurriedly put together to cash in the show. However, Tiara’s signature makes the RM15 worth spending. I hope they will release the theatrical recording soon.

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