Monday, November 27, 2006

62,702 Steps in 12 Hours

Food Fest @ Swatow Lane before the Walk. Eat kau kau lat. Posted by Picasa

Oh Boy! I this is my two consecutive weekend in Penang. Last week I was there for the AXN Penang Beach Challenge and this week for the the 3rd 12 Penang Hour Walk. And guess what? I will be there again on Dec 10 for the The Star Walk. I guess I must have fallen in love with Penang - The Pearl of the Orient.

Jamie, Aiman, Tey and I arrived at Sg. Nibong Bus Terminal about 2-ish on Saturday. We were greeted by one man welcome party - Chin Apek who took us to Swatow lane for a late lunch. We were famished. I had a bowl of Hokkien Mee (known as Prawn Mee in KL) with some cendol, popiah and Tee Nya Kueh (chilled pudding topped with brown syrup). (Insert Burp here!)

Collecting of racepack was fast. Nothing much to collect anyway - just the 2 bibs, T-shirt, championchip and the event booklet. No goodies bag but we were treated to a "lucky draw". We were asked to pick one from a bunch of crumpled papers. Drum rolled (eyes too) as the girl at the counter unfold the paper and read out what I had won. Two sachets of Deep Heat ointment. Yeah! Very lucky indeed. Others walked away with a bottle of Johnson's Baby Lotion each.

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