Sunday, April 15, 2007

Orange Run 2007

What? The Orange Run

Where? Piazza, the Curve, Mutiara Damansara, PJ

When? 15 April 2007 (Sunday); 7:40am

Who? Organised by BHPetrol

How long? 9 km (9 km my's definitely longer than 10km)

The Orange Run made its debut in the local road race scene last year. It is one of the few runs that runners need not fork out a single cent to participate. The venue is also unique, held at the “Piazza” at the Curve.

Last Years's Orange Run Report in March Archive

I got the start point.

Where are these people rushing to? Is it the IKEA sale?? Heheh!

The run took us to the shopping malls - The Curve, Cineleisure, Ikano Power Centre, Ikea and Tesco before leading us to the housing area in Damansara Mutiara and then finished at the Curve.

Traffic was poorly control at certain stretches as you can see from the picture -we risked being flattened by the moving trailer and other vehicles.

I climbed up the overhead bridge to take the above picture. The route features many gradual slopes.

The Orange Run banner.

The half way mark. But there was no water station to be seen. Yikes!

Oh! There it is! The water station could have been better. The two people serving ORANGE flavoured (it wouldn't be The Orange Run if they served other flavour! Heheh!)100plus could hardly cope with the hordes of on-coming runners.

Beautiful housing area that I cannot afford. Sniff!

People who are not aware of the concept of running.

I was extremely annoyed by these jokers on wheelis. For goodness sake, it is a RUN. Run on your feet, not whizzed by like suicidal maniacs on wheels. What nuisance!

One more km to go but it seemed like I have been running more than 9km....

I instantly salivated like a Pavlov dog when I passed by this Nasi Lemak stall. All these running sure make me hungry!

The end is near! That is the Cineleisure buidling, housing one of the best cineplexes in Malaysia.

Me - Swaggering to the finish line. Notice the queue n the right side -that is the queue for the Goodies bag!!!

I love the t-shirt worn by the employees of BHP. This year, we didn’t get any event T-shirt. So, to make do, I have taken some photo of the tees, which came with some funny captions. I wish I had one...

Translation from Malay: Just taking a stroll...

DNF? No way!

I love this one best....LOL!

Each of the finishers is entitled for a goodies bag.

What’s in the goodies bag?

Well, the bags are the goodies.

1 x BHP Orange tote bag

1 x BHP small bag

1 x Santa Barbara Polo And Racquet Club Backpack. (Yes..It’s Orange!)

Thank you for the people at BHP for being so generous. (Insert applause here). For zero registration fees, we get an enjoyable fun run, free breakfast and goodies to bring home. Viva le Orange!

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