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Run 7km at 17:17 on 07.07.07

What? 7th Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run

Where? Parking Lot 77, Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

When? 17:17 on 7 July 2007 (07.07.07)

How long? 7km

Qualifying Time: 77 minutes

I called up my friend, CK in Kota Kinabalu to sign me up for this event as soon as I came across this event while I was surfing the Net. It would a once in a lifetime to do such a run on such a unique date. Run 7km on 7 July 2007 (07.07.07). You only get to do that once in 100 years!

It was the 7th Sutera Harbour Sunset Charity Run. (Yes…there it is, the number 7 again).

I arrived at Kota Kinabalu Terminal 2 Airport after a 2 ½ hour “bumpy” ride from Kuala Lumpur. The weather blew. Dark cloud was looming in the sky above. This is no good, I told myself and prayed that with some miracle, that some wind would blow the clouds away.

After taking a short rest at CK’s house, we made our way to Sutera Harbour around 4:00pm. The main road was closed and we had to park quite a distance from the start point. The sky? Still grey. I could felt droplets of rain falling from the sky as I walk to the start point.

Wowow! I was surprised with the turn up at Sutera Harbour. I saw a sea of people at the start point. There was a bunch of kids who were eager to start the race. I was told 10,000 people would participate in the run.

The proceed of the run would benefit Sabah Thalassaemia Society and Special Olympic of Sabah.

There was a brief warm up session to the tune of Crazy Frog. Ding! Ding!

The run was set off by Assistant of Youth & Sports Minister.

What's that falling from the sky? Rain? Nah...It's confetti! And it is really pretty....

We ran along the road in front of the Sutera Harbour. It was nice running along the beach area.

Then, we made a U turn back, collected the check point 1 ticket and then ran towards the country club before we entered the main road.

I have seen parents taking their babies running in strollers, but this father is in his very own league. Father of all piggyback rides!

Is this guy having the elusive runner's high?

Scenic view near the golf course.

The photographer being photograph! Heheh!

Yippie! The closed the main road for us! We are the kings of the road....

Notice the dark clouds in the sky.

Second check point - near Plaza Wawasan.

Due to the rain clouds, there was no postcard-worthy sunset. The sun went hiding. Boo Hoo!....I was expecting this....(from last year's run, picture courtesy of CK)

But all we get this year was a piece of grey sky. Well, at least it didn't rain, I consoled myself.

Swaggering towards the FINISH line.

Since the run was for charity, there were no prizes for the fastest runners. Whoever completed the 7km run in 77 minutes were entitled for a lucky draw coupon each.

The run was over but the fun was just beginning.....

I have to salute the organiser for coming with such innovative way to announce the lucky draw winners! The lucky numbers were projected to the ceiling of the canopy! We do not have to sit through the annoying number call-outs - they had hundreds of prizes to be given away!(Insert applause here!!!)

I walked around the "fiesta" ground, helping myself with the free IndoCafe coffee, 100-plus drinks and green tea. There were foodstalls set up by the club house selling local cakes and meals. All proceeds would go to charity! Wowow!

No sunset, nevermind....the harbour looks gorgeous no matter what!

Pacific Sutera Hotel

Sitting on the dock of the bay....

Birdie looking towards the sea.

Meanwhile on the stage, Sabah leng lui (pretty girl) was coaxing the crowd to do the Y.M.C.A!!!

There were many fun games played while waiting for the final lucky draws. These boys were stripping in order to get 10 T-shirts in exchange for a prize!

There was dancing too. Sumazau style interestingly blended with rap! (Courtesy of The Kinabalu Kings)

These two teen drama queens simply just love attention. Notice the fashionably modified event T-shirt?

Akademi Fantasia 4's Velvet belting out Ella..Ella...Umbrella...

Velvet being mobbed a crowd brandishing mobile phones.

A star-struck kid...

We quickly left Sutera Harbour after they announced the Grand Draw - a 29 Inch Flat Screen TV! Nope...My number is not that lucky.

Overall, the 7th Sutera Harbour Sunset Run was a great fun run. The atmosphere was great! We got live bands and local celebrities to entertain us. The official radio station DJs worked the crowd well. Lots of free drinks. Charity food fair. Love it! 07.07.07 is indeed hard to be erased from the memory!

The downside: Rain clouds -> no sunset! But there was nothing that the organiser can do about!

The run was reported in one of the local dailies on the next morning....

My "Eat and run" report will not be complete without reviews of some eateries in Kota Kinabalu.

On the next morning, we had dim sum for breakfast at Four Seasons. No this is not the famous hotel chain. The steamed bun with egg yolk is a must try! The sweet savoury filling oozes out as you sink your teeth into the bun. It is simply heavenly.

Before I leave KK, CK took me to the Tun Mustafa Tower.

From afar it look like a space-shuttle with the tip sawed off. This structures is the tallest building in the whole Borneo Island.

The base.

Little that I know, there is a funky restaurant called Atmosphere (@mosphere) at the 18th floor of this building. It was supposed to be revolving but I didn't feel it. From here, you get to see the surrounding the buildings and the beautiful seasides.

Yummy snacks - Risotto balls and mocktail.

For detail reviews of Four Seasons and Atmosphere Restaurant, please click Runwitme's KK Virtual Tourist Restaurant Guide

My trip to Kota Kinabalu was a memorable one, even though it was one night only - 07.07.07.

My gratitude goes to CK for being airport pick-up, hotelier, tour guide, food guide, driver, running partner, photographer etc.

Read about CK's race report here.

Bye Bye Land below the Wind

p/s Next year, there will be another auspicious date 08.08.08...Time to run 8km at 8pm at night? Please put me in your email list if you are the organizer of such run! Cheers!

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the father of all piggyback rides was my teacher back in secondary school in ShanTao!!! LOL! so cool~

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