Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Running for Top 5

Hey! Whaddaya know! My blog has been picked as the Top 20 blogs from a pile of 600 in The Malaysian Blogger Project. It is a project brought to you by The Star/ All Malaysia Info. What an honour!

My "Running with Passion" blog is highlighted HERE along with 19 other selected ones.

Here's what they wrote about my blog under the spotlight.

"Passion is the keyword here, and running is this blogger's passion. What makes this blog unique is the way it highlights a marathon while showcasing the interesting sights along the way. It's a great idea, but it brings up the question, one that we really have to ask: how do you win a race if you keep stopping to snap pictures?"

Hmmmm....Is it me or the spotlight is getting kinda warm here? Heheh!

I go to road races for the fun of it. To me, being in a race is already winning. The moment I drag my fat behind out of bed at 5:00am on a Sunday morning is a triumph by itself. Heheh!

Of course, I cannot win a race like those lean-mean-running-machine Kenyans do. I simply do not have the genetic advantages.

But in a race, I win by building friendship with other runners. I win by sharing my experiences and pictures with my blog readers. I win by having a healthy body (OK OK....I'll try not to go overboard during carboloading). But most of all, I win by having PASSION in myself .

With this blog I hope I inspire more people to take up running as a fun and healthy activity. All you need is a pair of good running shoes and a some passion. I also want to showcase our beautiful country to the world, not exclusively to runners. Malaysia has lots of road races all year round for runners to enjoy. (Insert Miss Tourism's smile here!)

Now, there is an on-going a voting session to select the Top 5 blogs. You can win yourselves some prizes (courtesy of Genting Highlands) in the process. So, if you have 5 minutes to spare and you like what what you see here, please click the little orange button below to VOTE ME. Hurry! Voting ends Aug 20.

All Malaysian Bloggers Project

Thank you!

Yours Truly,


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