Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Day Before KLIM 2008

Saturday, a day before KL International Marathon. Jennie, Kevin and I met up for a movie followed by a pasta "carbo-loading" dinner at Pavillion.

Kevin won some movie passes and other goodies from 8TV. He proudly show off his prize t-shirt too. It's orange and it has a elephant on it. That's Horton for the uninitiated.

And Horton is sitting on top a Who. Who? A Who-lah. From Who-ville. LOL! Anyway go and watch the movie, Dr. Seuss' Horton hears A Who. It's hilarious and at the same time makes you think too. Kinda philosophical in my very own opinion.

We settled for dinner at Pastamania - a very popular chain in Singapore which had recently made its appearence in Pavillion, KL. So, we ordered what else? Pasta....lots of pasta...Yum!

On the way out from Pavillion, we decided to use the entrance of The Loaf, which is famous for the cheese cupcakes. Guess who we met there? Our previous Prime Minister Dr. M himself! He was seen checking our some cupcakes. The signature cakes, "uhu-hu" look fantastic, but I wouldn't want to pay RM5 for a cupcake. LOL! Anyway, Jennie had already bake me one super special homemade chocolate thingy for breakfast on the next day.

The KLIM race report coming soon. Sorry for the delays. Been through lots lately. I have uploaded the pictures and videos. Still working on the text.

Preview: You hear their voices on the radio every morning....but have you seen them run? LOL! Come back for updates ya!

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