Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Go To The Zoo

"Let's go to the zoo, there's a lot of things to do...and the food is fingers licking good...."

Remember that jingle from KFC? If you remember it, then you're OLD like me. LOL! Now...the KFC restaurant was long gone. It was once replaced by another fast food restaurant - Marry Brown...but that also didn't last and it replaced by a drabby and musky smelling food outlet.

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to tag along with the organizing core team for der Wild Wild Run to Zoo Negara. The run will be organized by the Pacemaker Networks.

I have not been to the zoo for more than 10 years. I remember my last visit was during my college years. So, I naturally jumped at the opportunity when I was invited to reckee the place with C3, Julie, PM1 and PM55.

We arrived at the zoo in Ulu Klang (affectionately known bt the locals as UK ), about 10 minutes to 9am. After the short meeting with Mary, the zoo Customer Service Manager we went the train ride around the zoo.

The run distance was measure using C3’s GPS device thingy. The driver was kind enough to help us to go around the route twice to ensure we get survey the place properly.

This is a preview of der Wild Wild Run. The video was taken along the route of the run from the mini train that we took to “reckee” the route. So, what you see is what you run…. Heheh!

Wow…amazing isn’t it? You get to see giraffes, elephants, rhinos, hippos and many more animals along the route of your run. Now, what other run can give you this rooooaring opportunity to see the animals up close while you run?

Elephant spraying dust to his body. Not sure why??

Nile Hippo! They are HUGE!

The hippo obviously loves water!

We did check out the Big Cats section of the zoo. The lions were nowhere to be seen.

I managed to snap some pictures of the Bengal tiger. He was a wonderful photo subject as he bared us his teeth, showing us his canines and sticking out his tongue as well. Very fierce! Grrrrr…..




Does he look fierce or what??

I love the expressions….but then later I found out that he was actually about to do something you will never see on a running blog! In a nick of time, I flipped my camera setting to video and managed to capture this.

That was the HIGHLIGHT of the day! LOL! How many of you have seen a tiger poo poo in person? :P

The starting point looks beautiful. It is located next to a lake. From there you can see hundreds of Milky Storks.

There is a gibbon island in the middle of the lake. We saw this cute faced gibbon on the tree. So adorable.

C3 shooting the Milky storks.

Big birds. They are almost unperturbed by our presence.

Bought myself a little souvenir from the gift shop.

Being with the organizing team for the whole morning, I can see lots of thoughts and efforts have been put into organizing the run to ensure a wonderful running experience for all.

Registration opens now. Hurry! Places are limited. Please click here for more info – CLICK HERE

After the zoo, I went to Sungei Wang Plaza. Bought my ticket for Jason Mraz concert....(Insert "you done done me....." here)

p/s: Anybody can remember the FULL lyrics of the KFC jingle? I can't seem to remember all the lyrics. I think my senile decay has already started. LOL! Pls contact me if you know the full lyrics of the jingle. I'll buy you KFC. (Insert fingers lickin' goodness here!)

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Let's go to the zoo, there's lots of things to do, and the food is finger licking good!
There's lions, tigers, a brown honey bear, birds and monkeys without a care!
So come....

Forgot the rest, sorry dude!

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