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My Selangor Story Day 3 : Nature's Splendour

This is my official post for Part 3 of 6 blog series for My Selangor Story blogging competition organised by Tourism Selangor.

Feeling stress? Tired? In need badly for a holiday?

Imagine yourself in a far far away location where you are surrounded with greeneries. You are dipping your feet into the flowing water that runs from a cascading waterfall. Birds and other tiny insects provide a soothing symphony of the forest that is music to your ears. Slowly your trouble and worries are being washed away.

Click PLAY

Feeling refreshed already after watching the video? The good thing is you do not need to go to a far far away location to experience what you have seen in the video.

The waterfall featured in the video is located at Hutan Lipur Kanching in Rawang, Selangor. A mere 20-30 mins drive from Kuala Lumpur.

The video is shot entirely using Pentax WS80, a waterproof camera, perfect for outdoor activities near/ in water. FYI, PENTAX is the official camera for My Selangor Story.

We will revisit Hutan Lipur Kanching later in this MEGA post. Brace yourselves, OK? LOL!

As the title suggests, Day 3 of My Selangor Story is all natural! We are going back to nature!

After a night of dazzling entertainment in Resort World Genting, it was nice to wake up to a wonderful morning....

This is the view from my room. Nice eh?

But it was nicer running on the road itself! Heheh!

The road actually snaked up from the First World Hotel up to some communication towers on top. It doesn't matter of you are a hardcore runner or occasional jogger, do pack your running shoes when you go up to Genting Highlands. You won't regret it.

Enjoy the "high" of running in the cool mountain air, surrounded by greens and clouds!

It is a wonderful place for bird watching too. I have seen many birdwatchers with their megazoom cameras and binoculars along this road.

After breakfast, we bid farewell to Genting Highlands. On the way down, we stopped by a beautiful temple build by the founder of Genting Highlands as a tribute to a Chinese diety, Chin Swee.

The temple complex includes among others, a hotel, a huge statue of Buddha, Kuan Yin statue, 9 storey pagoda, a hall and various carvings and figurines.

If you have time, climb up the spiral staircase to the top of this pagoda to enjoy the breath-taking view of the surrounding.

Within the square located in the middle of the temple complex, just behind the small Buddhist Temple is a statue of the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong.

"God gives us the ability of thought, speech & action. Fully utilize the abilities, nothing is impossible!" by Tan Sri Dato Seri (Dr) Lim Goh Tong. (as inscribed on the rock wall behind the statue). Pardon my bad translation! LOL!

Some quick runwitme's travel tips to Chin Swee Caves Temple

1. Keep quiet. It is a religious place.

2. Climb up the pagoda and enjoy the breathtaking view from top.

3. Visit the Chambers of Hell display and learn about definition of hell in Taoism.

Location: Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia.

Contact: 603 - 6101 1118.


Facebook: N/A

From the cool green mountains, we headed to a recreational forest park - Hutan Lipur Kanching, as seen in the earlier video.

This place is fantastic as a weekend picnic spot. It is very popular among the locals and can be crowded during weekends. You do not need to trek very far to reach the waterfall. Eateries, stalls, toilets and playground are within walking distance.

Nature photographer will have a field day here!

At Kanching, you will be greeted by these tree-dwelling monkeys.

Are they vicious?

Vicious? No. Mischievious? Yes. The monkey was actually yawning when I took the shot. Check out those sharp teeth! LOL!

Be careful of your belonging, small items like sunglasses, camera and food stuff. Some of them managed to steal some buns from our KFC lunch packs!

Some quick runwitme's travel tips to Hutan Lipur Kanching

1. Take a dip into cool refreshing water! Well, if you don't have time. at least soak your tired feet in.

2. There are 7 vertical falls for you to discover!

3. Pack your trash and take it with you when you leave. The bins there are not monkey-proof.

Location: Rawang, Selangor

Contact: 03-60916131 (Pegawai Hutan Daerah, Pejabat Hutan Daerah Hulu Selangor)


Facebook: N/A

After lunch and a long snooze in the coach, I woke up at Sabak Bernam in time for tea and some cultural show....Everyone got their cameras ready!

3.2.1! Snap!

Bloggers at work play.

Dorani Homestay is located at Sungai Haji Dorani, Sungai Besar, Selangor. It is about 90 km from Shah Alam and 130 km from Kuala Lumpur. It is basically a farming village, well spaced by paddy fields.

The homestay program involves over 30 families. With more than 50 rooms available, Dorani Homestay can accomodate up to 160 visitors at a time!

We were welcome with kompangs and traditional "Kuda Kepang" dance. Watch the video at the end of the post.

What is this? Malay lion dance? Heheh!

It is Barongan dance. Barongan is a mytical creature - a cross between a tiger and peacock. Read more HERE. It is usually performed by Malays of Javanese origin.

Makcik Zara, Zaid, Kemal and I were put under the care of Pakcik Buani and his wife, Siti Patimah.

All the other bloggers were assigned to various "foster" families and get to experience staying in a Malay village.

Malay houses are usually built on stilts. It is a feature still commonly seen in the rural area. You can't find this type of house in the city anymore.

I kept myself busy exploring Pakcik Buani's yard with my macro lens. I got lucky with this camera-friendly grasshopper...

Pakcik Buani is a celebrity! LOL! He has been featured in many TV programs especially during the raya festivals.

Dinner time! Home cooked authentic Malay dishes! (Insert saliva dripping here)

I felt the one night homestay is too short. We hardly get to do the things as mentioned in the brochure like mengagau ikan (fishing in the paddy field), bahulu making, banana chip factory visit etc. But Pakcik Buani and Makcik Siti Patimah assured us that we are always welcome to visit them anytime, anyday.....

Some quick runwitme's travel tips to Dorani Homestay

1. Respect your hosts.

2. Make yourself at home. Eat, sleep, joke, share as if your own family.

3. No drugs, alcohol in the house.

Location: Sabak Bernam, Selangor.

Contact: Mr. Abdul Rahman +6013 607 7025, +603 3241 0846


Facebook: N/A

Are you still keeping up with me? Day 4 was really jam-packed with activities. After a great dinner, we were driven to Kampung Kuantan to witness another wonder of nature - the fireflies!

In order to reach the fireflies' playground - the berembang trees, we have to take a boatride.

The berembang tree is not a firefly habitat, it's a display tree where adult fireflies go and get naughty. There, the males do their flashing and find their mate. Heheh!

Fireflies are called kelip-kelip in Malay. It means 'to twinkle'. Twinkle is what these little flies do. Well, actually they are not flies. They are more like beetles with glowing tummies.

At night you can see them twinkling away in the berembang bushes at the river bank,

Sorry, my camera is not able to capture any of the magical show of lights by the kelip-kelip. It is not unlike nature lit Chirstmas trees. You just have to come to Selangor to witness it with your own eyes. :)

Some quick runwitme's travel tips to Firefly Watching @ Kampung Kuantan

1. Keep silent.

2. Be mosquito food. Do not use insect repellent as you will drive away the fireflies too. LOL!

3. Do not catch the fireflies. I see lots of bloggers out there did this for their blogs. Shame on you!

Location: Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor.

Contact: 03-32891439 / 1549 (Majlis Daerah Kuala Selangor)


Facebook: N/A

Supper time! We headed to a popular satay place at Tanjung Karang for supper. The restaurant is called Satay Hut.

Their specialty is a larger than usual satay, aptly called Satay Besar or Big Satay. It costs RM1.10 per stick. They also serve the regular size satay at RM0.60 per stick.

Heheh! Only the stick or lidi left for photograph! The satay is truly irresistable! :P

Satay Hut Tanjong Karang Satay Hut Jalan Besar 45500 Tanjong Karang,Tanjong Karang Selangor,Malaysia Tel: 603-32694473.

There! This has to be the longest post I have EVER done for my blog! LOL! There are so many things to cover in a day! LOL!

Last but not the least, I leave you with a video taken at the homestay. This one is dedicated to packcik Buani and Makcik Siti Patimah who made us feel so at home away from home.


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Day 3 are my longest post as well. so many things in ONE day! A fun one day.

Love your morning Genting photo and of course beautiful macro shots!

Abang Ben


you are supposed to run during this event!

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