Monday, October 17, 2011

Celebrunner: Bernard Chandran @ Area27 Launch

Look at him go! Meet Bernard Chandran, one of the most fashionable men in Malaysia, a fashion designer extraordinaire.

We caught up with Bernard at the official launch of Area27 recently.

Located on shopping street, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Area27 is a multi-label store-cum-hip showcase that defies traditional boundaries and re-defines high street fashion with an attitude.

A project by Bernard Chandran, Area27 presents ideal and artistic values and expression on fashion. Keeping with the unpretentious culture of this intelligent store, the merchandise represents the pop culture of the young and the fun-living.

Like pop art’s take on fashion, it includes popular designs, music of different genres that personify cult abstraction, objects of desire to icons, ‘villains’ and ‘heroes’. The labels that are sold here include the Puma Blackstation range like Alexander McQueen, Rudolf Dassler, Mihara Yasuhiro and Puma Area27 customised trainers.

Area27 views fashion through a more unconventional lens. The store-cum-gallery reinvents itself each season featuring clothes and accessories from off track around-the-world labels including Natalija Jansone, Butterflysoulfire, Ana Sekularac, Rajesh Pratap Singh, Riccardo Forconi, Suzanne Werson, La Boite as well as Area27’s own labels like Forknspoon, BCArea27, Animal Kingdom, Tanestrran2001, Skullarea, words and Negaraku and a variety of graphic t-shirts by up-and-coming designers.

The launch was attended by Bernard's family...

Celebrity friends. The event were hosted by Will Quah & Xandria Ooi. Seen here are Dennis Lau and Yuri, Xandria's hubby!

The four sisters - Sharifah Aryana, Aleysha, Amani dan Aleya.

Joanne De Rosario and Deborah Henry.

Jehan Miskin.

Melissa Indot & Debbie Goh

Kinky Blue Fairy & alvin Tan being interviewed by Will & Xandria.

Bernard letting his creative juice flow onto a new Proton Satria Neo!

Bernard's parents also joined in the fun of spraying a brand new Satria Neo with colourful paint. What strong support Bernard gets from his parents!

Bernard is taking street fashion to the street literally! The model paraded on the street with Bernard latest designs.

As Bernard Chandran cited, Area27 is an inspiration and channeling the soul, passion and fire of the teenage spirit. “It is for the individual that would like to find respite from the mainstream but at the same time is unwilling to compromise on style. This is where fashion becomes personal to the individual.

Check out the video of the launching ceremony below!


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