Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Air Mata Aaron Aziz @ Badai Semalam dan Ombak Rindu

Judging from the sold out performances at the recent staging of Badai Semalam at Istana Budaya, we can conclude that women go crazy when they see a grown man cry. Especially, when that man is Aaron Aziz, the hottest hunk/ actor in the local entertainment scene right now. LOL!

Most of my Malay female friends would swoon by the mention of his name. He is famed for his "bad boy turned sensitive guy" persona in the local Malay TV Drama/ movies.

Nora Elena - A rapist who falls in love with his victim

Badai Semalam - A playboy who falls in love with his maid

Ombak Rindu - A womaniser who falls in love with his prostitute

Yes. He may be bad but at the end, he sheds a few tears and falls in love with all of them!

Enjoy the pics from the monologue by Aaron Aziz in Badai Semalam!

Now, who made Aaron cry? It's Erra! Heheh! Don't they look cute as a couple?

Aaron's role in a drama/ movie can be quite predictable at times. He would surely meet with one or two automobile accidents in a show! Here is a scene from Badai Semalam where is in a hospital bed after a car crash!

And is Aaron in Ombak Rindu after a car crash! Ladies would agree that Aaron still look cute in a coma. (Not fair! Not fair! Heheh)

If you girls had missed Aaron in Badai Semalam, you can catch him in the Ombak Rindu movie in the cinema near you starting 1 December.

Ombak Rindu, like Badai Semalam is also adapted from a romantic novel. It is like the roles in the books are written for Aaron Aziz!

Don't forget your tissues ya! ;)

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