Monday, May 28, 2012

Mizz Nina Take Over Album Launch @ Zouk KL

The wait is over! Mizz Nina arrives with her second solo album aptly titled Take Over! She wanna take over the charts and the dance floors with her two-disc album.

The launch was held at Zouk Club last Saturday afternoon. Same place where she launched her first album in 2010.
She also had Noh Hujan to play with her on stage just like the last time. The only difference is now they are happily married. :)

Disc 1 of Take Over has 7 original new songs including her hit single, Take Over featuring Flo Rida. Disc 2 contains remixes of her songs by local DJ like Goldfish, Blink and DJ Fuzz.

She also premièred her two music videos at the launch - Rentak Yang Sama and With You. We like the latter. It has got more colours and vibrancy.

We believe Take Over has what it takes to take over the charts and the dance floors. We have it on repeat mode since we got our hands on it. Wait for the review soon. :)

There were cupcakes for the guests! Yummeh!

Mizz Nina performed the acoustic version of Take Over accompanied by her sayang, Noh. It is the sweetest video we have ever seen in a long time! Check it out!

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