Thursday, January 11, 2018

Castillano and Yim Crowned Malaysia Ultra League 2016/17 Champions

Kuala Lumpur, 7 January 2018 – The Malaysian Ultra Running Association (MURA) concluded the inaugural season of the Malaysia Ultra League Championship (MUL) 2016/17 with a Gala Dinner & Awards night at the Sungai Long Golf & Country Club, Cheras, Selangor.
After the successful launching of the MUL in June 2017, the league was concluded with 23 races in November 2017 for the 2016/17 inaugural season. There were also 6 candidate races that were added during the year whereby 3 races were included in the 2016/17 season and 3 races for the 2017/18 season.

The Inaugural MUL has achieved its primary objectives by providing 90% of Malaysia ultra-race organizers in the current league, a platform to promote their races to both local and international runners. MUL is also known to be the only national ultra-running league in the world.

MUL 2016/17 which was sponsored by Ultron, recorded a total of 3,771 runners comprising 2,994 males and 777 female runners. The total registration in the league was 5,979 with each runner’s total races combined. That constitute to approximately 80.1% male (4,792) and 19.9% female (1,187) total registrations in 23 races.

MUL 2016/17 also attracted 37 nationalities including Malaysians. The longest road race in the league was Titi Ultra 250km category with a time limit of 42 hours whereas Penang Eco 100miles was the longest trail race with a time limit of 40 hours.

Ultra-runners Mr. Yim Heng Fatt (Malaysia) and Ms. Jefferlyn Castillano (Philippines) were crowned the men and women champion respectively. Both were included in the MUL Hall Of Fame with a Challenge Trophy.

The top 20 men and women in the league were also recognized with trophies, certificates of achievement prizes from sponsors and free race slots during the Gala Dinner & Awards night on 7th January 2018 at the Sungai Long Golf & Country Club.

Moving into the second season in 2017/18, MUL is expecting to increase its races to at least 30 races with a target of more than 6,000 registrations for the next season ending November 2018.

Ultron being the Title Sponsor of MUL 2016/17 has also firmed up their interest and continuous support to be the Title Sponsor for MUL 2017/18.

As of press time, the Head of MUL Committee, Mr Victor Cheng briefed the press that more than 90% of all Ultra Races in Malaysia have shown their commitment and has joined the league. He was also quoted saying that, the current races in the MUL stands at 26 races and 4-5 more new candidate races are expected to join the league in 2018. He also mentioned that MURA is confidence via the MUL Championship, the quality of ultra-races in Malaysia will improve significantly and the popularity of the races will increase with both local and international ultra-runners.

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