Monday, September 13, 2004


Adidas KOTR was held at Dataran Merdeka on 5 Sept 2004, organized by Adidas, sanction by FTAAA and co-sponsored by DBKL.

One of the runs to look forward to. Not because of the scenic route. Not because of the lucky draw prizes. Not because of medals. It was the event t-shirt - branded Adidas tee was said to worth RM49.90 (but was selling at a bargain bin price at RM20 at the Adidas booth on the event day).

I managed to capture some teenage cheerleaders rehearsing their routine at the START line with my mobile phone camera. Slick and funky...

Had my foot scanned at the Adidas booth while waiting for the lucky draw . Found out that I am an over-pronator. On both feet! In layman term - the foot roll too far inward (collapses) during running, leading to lower leg, knee and back injuries over time.

Hmmmm...Sound serious! This calls for serious measure – some serious shoe shopping to fit my over-pronating feet! Shopping therapy! I like that but on second thought, my faithful FILA shoes are still working fine – no blisters, no bloody chaffing, snug fit, well conditioned and look good.

I think my old faithful can still last me one more marathon. (Singapore Marathon..Here I Come). I will probably start shopping for new shoes during Chinese New Year Sale! (Insert lion dance drum here!)

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