Sunday, May 06, 2007

Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Centennial Half Marathon

What? Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Centennial Half Marathon

When? 6 May 2007 (Sunday); 7:00am

Where? Ipoh Padang (Old Town), Perak Darul Ridzuan

How far? 10km

After rain comes shine. After storm comes calm. After the disastrous Bendang Run, come Ipoh Centennial Run and Ipoh Kai Si Hor Fun (Chicken shred Noodle).

My adventure continued from Alor Setar to Ipoh. I took the bus from at the Shahab Perdana Bus Terminal. Thank you, Yaziz for the ride and a trip to Pekan Rabu. Guys, if you like serunding (spicy meat floss), Pekan Rabu Alor Setar offers a wide variety of serunding. (Insert tummy growling here)

Overall, the journey was smooth with brief stop at Sungai Petani to pick up some passengers. I slept in the bus; occasionally awakened due to phobia of missing my stop again. Not to worry, I told myself. If I ever miss this stop, I will end up in Kuala Lumpur, not some unfamiliar town. Heheh!

Checked into Majestic Hotel at Ipoh Railway Station. The building was a sight to behold. Very grande. Very colonial. Very old. It used to be known as Taj Mahal of Ipoh by the locals. Room rate was cheap RM88 nett, plus breakfast. The best thing is it is about 5mins walk to the start point of the Ipoh Centennial Run, at Padang Ipoh.

Had dinner at Old town Café near the Padang. Ipoh Kai Si Hor Fun and a cup of Ipoh White Coffee. Delicious!

The half marathoners and 10km runners were blasted off at 6:15am and 7:00am respectively. I took part in the 10km event only. My plan was to run Bendang Run (21km) on Saturday and 10km in Ipoh. Two 21kms back to back were too taxing for my old bones. Heheh!

The major portion of the 10km was on Kuala Kangsar Road.Very straight road, with some gradient when we ran up some flyovers.

Blast off!....

We ran pass the Muzium Darul Ridzuan

We also ran passed the Perak Darul Ridzuan Building.

Straight road ahead toward the North-south Highway.

Water station. I was drinking through my nose! They slit an opening across the top lid. Water was gushing out as I tried to drink. Hmmm.... I miss the normal paper cup!

Seen on route: A small temple with Thai influences, with two Nagas flanking the entrance.

Ipoh is famous for its limestone crags. We see lots of them during the run.

A temple inside the limestone cave. Not sure what is the name of this one. Help? Any Ipoh runners?

U turn. We were given rubber band! Yikes! It's too small to wear it on the wrist. So it tied it around my finger like a ring. Lord of rubber ring! My precious. Heheh!

Welcome back to IPOH!

What time is it?

Hills...Those training at Double Hills paid off.

Swaggering toward the Finish Line.

Sweet young Cheerleaders. Hey! What's that Apek doing there? Hmmmm!

Cultural show: My butt is so hot, i just gotta fan it! ;)

The medal comparison. Left 10km and right 1/2 Marathon finisher medal.

Overall, it was a well organised run. I had the time to go back to the hotel, took shower, had breakfast and go back to the Padang with enough time to witness the prize presentation and lucky draw. They had 20 mountain bikes to give away. I was hoping for snatch one but luck was not on my side. My friend CL, however got one. I wonder I she was going to transport back the bike to KL.

There are a few more roadraces in Ipoh in the months to come – The Ipoh International Run, The Ipoh Starwalk, KRI Run etc. I will be back!

Goodies Bag

1 x Spritzer Go ! Isotonic Drink

1 x Sparkling H-Two-O

1 x Chocolate Cream Bun

3 x Check Hup Instant Drink Mix

1 x Milo Fuze sachet

1 x Sunlico Sunflowerseed cooking oil

1 x Ngan YinCap Tangan Groundnuts

1 x Satay Ball

2 x Cintan Cup-A-Mi

1 x Gold Fish Brand Medicated Oil (Minyak Angin).

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