Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Sunday of Running and Ninjas

What? New Balance Pacesetters 15km 2007

When? Sunday, 20 May 2007

Where? Padang Merbok, Kuala Lumpur

How far? 15km

Today, I bought a new watch from Ccube and I use it on the spot. It's a Timex Ironman watch. Don't think I am anywhere fit to do an Ironman, I guess wearing the watch will do. Heheh! The watch is light, not clunky like my old Adidas watch. My Adidas watch is now rendered useless because the broken strap is irreplaceable (Insert Beyonce's tune here).

My new Timex is intuitive to use; without having to refer to the manual. I'm lovin' it!

It was a beautiful Sunday in Kuala Lumpur. After handing in my registration slip to the official and got check in my white ribbon, I walked to the start point which was divided into several zones based on the runners' speeds.

I walked around, taking pictures and saying hellos to friends. As, I was talking to Ryan Teoh, the siren blared, signalling the start. I do not know what I was doing at the fast runners' zone but I chugged along. Thank God, I didn't get trampled to death by the fast runners. Heheh!

The runners "painted" KL red with NB15K vest. I love the vest colour.

The run took us to the usual "double hills" route. This is Haza (Running Mom), overtaking me after the double hills. She's fast-lah!

Look who I bumped into. Carboman doing his LSD training. He looked happy. Must be the endorphine! Runner's high?

Simian spectators. A bunch of monkeys monkeying around on the electrical wires. I wonder why they don't get zapped into monkey BBQ.

Swaggering towards the finish line. I was very tired. Have not been running for the past weeks. (Insert lazy excuses here). So, I suffered the consequences.

What’s in the goodies bag?

1 x Gardenia Delicious Chocolate Cream Bread

1 x SeaMaster Mineral Water

1 x 30% New Balance Voucher

1 x Assorted Himalaya sweets packet

1 x Breakfast (Choice of Nasi Lemak or Porridge)

1 x Dessert (Choice of Cendol or Tau Foo Fah)

1 x Announcement of NB KL 10km postponement from June 3 to an unspecified date.(Insert disappointed sigh here)

The "lemon" shaped finisher medal. Made by Tumasek Pewter. Good stuff this.

I didn't hang out at the post-event breakfast. Went straight to my gym for a quick shower and then dashed to Midvalley to meet my friends, whom I went to Borobudur with. Pictures sharing time and recollecting all the nice memories from the trip. We compiled all our pictures from 4 digital cameras into a DVDR. Yes, a DVDR. A normal CDR is not enough!

Went to this placed called Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant at Northpoint, Mid Valley. We got served by Ninjas! Not Ninja Turles, though! What a concept, eh? Masked Ninja waiters! :).

We don't know whether the guy gonna rob us or serve us sushi! Heheh!

Cowa-bunga! This is the Ninja Bento. No pizza, OK? It's very the good oh! Aso!

My friends all love this restaurant. Great food and ambiance. It is slightly more expensive but don't we all deserve a little indulgence sometimes, especially after a long 15km run? Hait!

Click Here For Runwitme's VT Review of Ninja Jones Japanese Restaurant

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