Saturday, September 08, 2007

Meet The Dragon

What? Meet The Dragon - Jackie Chan

Where? Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

When? 8 Sept 2007 (Saturday)

Why? Official Opening of California Fitness - Jackie Chan Sport Club

I went to California Fitness Sunway Pyramid with Amy and BW after having breakfast at Uncle Lim's.

Initially, I wanted to go to Sunway Lagoon for the Merdeka Splash (50,000 tickets were given free to NST readers). I changed my mind and decided to catch a glimpse of Jackie Chan instead. He was due to open a new California Fitness Centre in Sunway Pyramid.

We waited at the reception area while filling in the lucky draw forms. At 12:45pm, Jackie and his entourage walked up a storm into California Fitness.

See Jackie pointing at someone at the reception.

Armed with my point-and-shoot camera, I tailed Jackie Chan from there on. The bodyguards didn't make things easy for us, fans. I did capture some decent shots of Jackie Chan. Do leave your comments, OK?

See Jackie looking down at the exercise machines.

If you were Jackie Chan, you probably see this view. You get to see the awesome view of Sunway Lagoon from some of these machines.

See Jackie going downstairs to the toilet.

See Jackie walking out from the toilet. Yes...the bodyguards went into the toilet with him. To protect his family jewels, I suppose. Heheh!

See Jackie trying out the abs machine.

See Jackie trying out the shoulders machine.

See Jackie going upstairs again.

See Jackie going to the Sunway Lagoon.

See Jackie waving at ME! was me who shouted and waved like an idiot to catch his attention.

See the 50,000 people at Sunway Lagoon for the Merdeka Splash. See I missed all this fun for Jackie Chan.

See Jackie walking into the Pyramid Ice skating ring for the launch.

My feet were like numb from standing on the icy cold skating ring. I was kinda getting cold feet! Pun intended! Heheh!

The Running Freeman was there too. He slipped through security and got some good shots of Jackie Chan on the stage. Check if he has posted them in his blog

See the amount of people who came to see Jackie.

See some kids performing JC Boxercise.

JC Boxercise combines two of Jackie Chan's favorite passions, boxing and martial arts and adds a helping of fitness and a huge dose of fun for a fantastic group exercise experience! (That was written by the California Fitness copywriter..not me. Heheh!)

See Jackie posing for photo. Ooh..Grandma, what big nose Jackie has...LOL.

See Jackie being interviewed.

See Jackie acting all goofy...pretending to hold a remote control on his hand. He was advising people to exercise more and stay off the couches.

See Jackie and the confetti. Yes...California Fitness in Sunway Pyramid is officially opened!

He was scheduled to fly to Paris for his Rush Hour 3 promo that night!

See Jackie having a press conference.

Took this pictures through the glass wall. Bodyguards didn't let us in.

I lingered for some time trying to get Jackie's autograph. I had developed a few pictures that I took of Jackie trying out the workout machines earlier for this purpose. Too bad, I was not as lucky as Amy and BW, who charged like the army of Sparta through the sea of bodyguards and crazed fans for the autographs!

BW's Jackie Chan Autograph. (Insert cry here!)

Amy's Jackie Chan Autograph (Insert wail here!)

Sob! Sob! No autographs for me but the only consolation for me was I did get the chance to shake Jackie's hand when he was on his way out. Quite a firm grip and hmmmm....very fleshy hand.

It was memorable day. I went home completely exhausted. It was one heck of work-out! No more energy after chasing Jackie Chan up and down, in and out and all around California Fitness. It was not easy being a paparazzi. Heheh!

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