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Run 4 It, Run 4 "Eat"

What? Run 4 it 12K NB

Where? Padang Sultan Suleiman, Klang, Selangor

When? 2 September 2007 (Sunday), 7:15am

How far? 12km

Who? Organized by The Klang Pacers

There were three major runs held simultaneously in Klang Valley last Sunday. Run4It clashed with Shah Alam 10K and also the University Malaya’s Kardio Charity Run. I naturally picked Run4It as it offered Finisher Medals for all finishers. (Insert medal face here).

The run was held in Klang, the royal capital of the state of Selangor, Malaysia. Klang is located about 32km to the west of Kuala Lumpur.

Amy gave me a wake up call at 5:00am. I was still sleepy. My whole body was still aching due to Body Combat challenge that I participated on Friday. So, I dragged my body and got ready for the run. Met KK at the parking lot near the Padang Sultan Suleiman and collected a big NB paper bag from him. (Insert Thanks to KK for helping me with the race kit collection).

In the NB bag, I found one event vest – in striking florescent lime green, (It is so striking that you could easily spot it from 200miles away. Heheh!), a pack of Power Gel, bib and safety pins.

Few minutes before the flag off, I was approached by The Running Freeman who was there for the Run4It too. He is a regular reader of this blog and an avid runner. He is from Manila but has been working in Malaysia for a couple of years now. Thanks Mr. Bench. Nice meeting you!

The run was flagged off at 7:15am. The reporting was well handled. I was given a yellow ribbon upon surrendering the reporting card as I walked into the field. We were not supposed to leave the field until the start.

We were still in the Merdeka mood, having celebrated out 50th Independence Day on 31st August. The town was still heavily decorated the Jalur Gemilang flags, banners and posters.

The first important landmark that we passed by was the Istana Alam Shah, which is the Sultan of Selangor's official palace. It is from here that he carries out his official duties as Sultan and ceremonies involving the Selangor royalty are held here. Yes..It is the one with the blue roof and a tower, capped with a gold dome.

Notice the green striking vests? Imagine how interesting it would be to have an aerial view of the runners. Probably they would look like green protoplasm flowing in the heart of the town.

An interesting sculpture at a roundabout: A tengkolok – A Malay headdress, supported by a few keris.

Klang is “famous” with crows. Instead of birds chirping in the morning, you would get those horrible squawks from the pesky black birds. They are everywhere!

Captured here is a crow, resting on the decorative Klang Bandar Diraja (Royal Town) plate on a lamppost. Notice there is a Keris attached to the plate. What’s with the obsession with Keris? Heheh!

Pom Pom girls cheering to the tune of "Sha La la" at the water station.

There were nothing much to see along the route after the Alam Shah Palace. We ran though some BORING light industrial areas, shop lots, residential areas and villages.

At some stretches, we had to put up with horrible smog from heavy vehicles. (Insert coughing sound effect here!)

Approaching another beautiful landmark in Klang. What a welcome change of scenery!

This is the Sultan Sulaiman Royal Mosque. It was constructed by the British in the early 1930s and was officially opened in 1934 by the late Almarhum Sultan Sir Alaeddin Sulaiman Shah of Selangor and the British's Federated Malay States High Commissioner Sir Lawrence Nuuns Guillemard.

According to Wikipedia, the mosque's architecture is a combination of Western Art Deco, Neoclassical and local Islamic styles.

Its interesting features include the Tangga Diraja (royal stairs) from Istana Alam Shah and a royal mausoleum.

Sorry, I do not have time to go into the mosque to check those things up! Didn't get a nice picture of the mosque too because most parts are shielded by the trees. What a bummer! Anyway, gotta run along.....

I was quite happy when I see this gate of the Padang Sultan Suleiman. Re: End point. However, my happiness was short-lived when I saw the marshall gestured me and shouted 2 more km to go.

What? Two more? I have been running all morning and I still have two more? Oops! I forgot, this is 12K run not the usual 10K. Heheh!

For the last 2 km, we ran through the older part of Klang town. Notice brilliantly repainted pre-war shop lots.

I quickened my pace here.

Swaggering towards the FINISH line.

Apart from the usual cold Milo from the faithful Milo van, we were also served with oranges. And I must tell you - the oranges were VERY sweet! The sweetest oranges that I have ever tasted in any race.

Seen here, a runner was stuffing his face with the sweet oranges. Heheh!

Some runners were also seen shamelessly taking home those sweet orange slices in the plastic bag that came with the finisher certificate. Can't put photo here-lah! (Insert wink here!)

The Very Sweet Finisher Medal.

Overall, Run4it was a well organised run. Congratulations to Klang Pacers for a job well done...and the sweet oranges too!

There are rooms for improvement like distance markers (there weren't any this time) and less polluted route.

We didn't stay back for the prize presentation. I have a Malay wedding to attend in the afternoon in Setia Wangsa.

Wowow! The theme is GREEN! Even the sirap (rose flavoured drink, usually red in colour) is green!

Luckily, there is no florescent green like the NB vest! Heheh!

Yummy! After the Run4It this morning, it's time to Run4Eat! Nasi Minyak is a must have rice dish in Malay Wedding. Nasi Minyak literally translated is Oil Rice. It is cooked in Ghee with spices like cardamoms, cinnamon stick, cloves and star anise. Usually eaten with acar (pickles) and curries.

Wedding Goodies Bag! I think it is a trend nowadays to give Goodies Bag at Malay wedding. Once upon a time, only Bunga Telur (a boiled egg in a decorated container/ holder) was presented to guests at the wedding.

Notice most of the items are in green, in line with the theme of the wedding! Thank God the boiled egg is not green inside. Heheh!

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