Monday, March 10, 2008

Ambank Circuit Training Run 2008

What? Ambank Circuit Training Run 2008

When? 9 March 2008 (Sunday)

Where? Taman Tasik Perdana, Kuala Lumpur

How Long? 2Hr 15 mins and 3 Hr 30min for 1/2 Marathon and full marathon participant respectively.

How far? 2.8 km per lap

I was still groggy when I took a cab to Lake Garden on the Sunday morning. I slept late the night before, watching news - the election results. The driver, a woman told me she voted for the opposition even though her husband told her to vote for BN. You go, girl! Heheh!

I reached the starting point about 6:40am. Someone announced the run would start at 7:30am instead of 7:00am. It was met with some grumbles from the runners.

I missed the earlier two circuit runs. So, I told myself I must come for the third one hopeing that I would get a commemorative KLIM lapel pin like they used to give every year. I was quite disappointed when they said there were none this year! No budget? Stingy flers!

We were set off at 7:15am. The route took us around Lake Garden, but not the usual round as the lake and its surroundings were undergoing some major reconstruction. We had to run a bigger round.

It was a pleasant morning to run. The air was fresh and invigorating. I was taking it slow. Running slowly, accompanied by the sweet sounds of Janet Jackson in my mp3 player. And of course, I brought my faithful Olympus along. And I was pleasantly surprised with the pictures outcome!

The sun is rising.....

This is Casey, my friend....going at breakneck pace! I love this pictures despite it is blurred. It showcases speed.

Shadow running! I stopped for a few minutes waiting for the runners to pass to get a good shot of the shadows and lights. It's worth it!

My favourite picture of the day! Love the sunray beaming onto the runners through the foliage. Pretty, right?

Sunshine runner!

I detoured a bit to the lakeside to take the pictures of the endangered milky storks! Heheh! They were too busy feeding tha to notice me.

Ugrhh! I hate this portion of the route where we had to climb the steps.

Caught by Camera...Two runners taking short cut, running on grass! I know one of them. Hmmm....Naughty! Naughty!

My friend Chen at the checkpoint where each lap count was recorded by the officials.

The sun was too hot to handle. This guy was running with a leave covering his head! Hey! You're not supposed to pluck anything in the park!

3 more weeks to go.....Kuala Lumpur International Marathon (KLIM). I would like to thank Ambank and FTAAA for organizng the circuit runs. It really motivate runners to go for KLIM.

I will be taking part in the half marathon....21km.

And as usual, wherever I go, my Olympus will follow....Just like my shadow. :)

In the evening, I watched 10,000BC with my boss and a colleague at Midvalley. Great CGI but the story is boring as hey! I actually fell alseep in the middle of the movie. The Ferrari exhibition at the same level as the cinema was much more exciting....

Isn't she a sight to behold?

Vroom.....Till the next run, keep on smiling! :)

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