Thursday, March 27, 2008

Run Like There's No Tomorrow

I will be doing half marathon in KLIM this coming Sunday!

Check out the places we will pass along the route! KLIM is the best way to see KL on foot.

The event T-shirt for half marathon and 10k run. The full marathoners get the red Adidas vest, just like last years. Thanks to Kevin for collecting my racekit today!

This year the T-shirt is white. You would never go wrong with white but it is kinda plain and uninspiring. But it is much better than previous year hideous yellow and ugly blue. (Insert snigger here!)

To all the runners doing this event, good luck and enjoy the run. I will be taking the role of a running tourist, taking pictures of the famous spots along the route while listening to my MP3.

I am currently making a playlist for the KLIM. This song is will be the first song at the start!!!

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow, a new song by the groovalicious Paula Abdul.

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