Monday, October 27, 2008

Pre Innov8 Run Post

What? Innov8 Run Briefing & Lunch

Where? Bon Ton Restaurant, Jalan Conlay, KL.

When? Saturday, 26 Oct 2008, 12pm

In order to participate in the Innov8 Run next week, all the 9 selected participants must attend this compulsory briefing session at Bon Ton Restaurant.

I arrived at the restaurant 12pm sharp. It was kinda deserted....and spooky. But everything changed when I saw Sun, from Samsung whose name is as bright as her cheerful disposition.

Raj, Daniel and Kong were already there. We were soon joined by the rest. We went around the table introducing ourselves. Then, a short briefing on the Innov8 run. There will be 4 in a car. 3 participants and 1 marshall, to keep an eye on us. So, no cheating ya.....LOL! We will be going around KL treasure hunting.

I was told there are few more teams from the media and people from blogmob that will compete with us. Bring it On!

While waiting for our food to arrive, Lawrence gave us some demo of what this cool phone can do. I was very impressed by the Innov8 phone. The first 8 megapixel phone and with all the cool entertainment features like movie, music, games, internet surfing.....and with this baby, you will never worry about getting lost as it comes with GPS. Click here for details.

You know you are die-hard blogger if you shoot your food before eating it. :)

This was mine.....East Coast Platter - Nasi Kerabu and condiments. Tasted very good!

After we cleaned up our plates, it was time to decide which group we belonged to. Coloured papers were drawn from a bowl. There will be red, yellow and blue team. I didn't get to choose because I was the last one to draw. So, fate had decided that I would be in the red team with Kong and Yee Leng. All the best partners!

Last but not the least - Dessert. This is Bon Ton Cendol. The waiter insisted that this was cendol, Bon Ton Cendol. I simply didn't understand. Where was the green noodle and the coconut milk? Red coloured syrup in Cendol? Wasn't that ABC (Air Batu Campur or Ais Kacang)??...I didn't like being fussy, so I accepted it anyway.

We took a group pictures before saying bye bye. Each of us walked home with a Samsung Goodies Bag. Thank you Samsung!

What's in the Goodies Bag?

1 x Samsung Water Container

1 x Sunshine Playing Card set

1 x Sunshine Digital Photo Frame key chain (had to sms my team partners to know what is this thingy....It doesn't come with instruction. LOL!)

1 x Samsung pen

1 x Die Hard 4.0 Note Pad.

No...There was NO phone inside the Goodie bag. This demo unit belongs to Lawrence of Samsung. All of us have a chance to win it next week. It is gonna be my first Samsung phone if I win it. :)....(Insert excited squeal here!).

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