Monday, November 10, 2008

Malaysia Jogathon and Annual Charity Jog/ Wheel-A-Thon

What? Malaysia Jogathon and Annual Charity Jog/ Wheel-A-Thon

Where? Dataran Merdeka

When? Nov 9, 2008 (Sunday)

It was a wonderful event. Apart from the usual road race (about 4km), there were other "races" as well - 1km wheel chair race, dog show and antique car parade. The usual runners turned out was rather low. I think it was because of another event - IOI Community Run at Puchong. I opted for this one instead in the name of charity. :)

The charity event was organised by the Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor and Federal Territory (SCAS&FT), Selangor Social Welfare Council, Federal Territory Amateur Athletic Association and more than 40 welfare non-governmental organisations.

The DBKL band.

Wow...Hard to believe all the "akak-akak and abang-abang" at DBKL can really blow.

My fellow runner, Amelia ready to push the wheelchair for a short parade near the Dataran Merdeka.

off they went...

The dogs also took the spotlights. Seen here is a handsome French Mastiff and a Rottweiler. There were plenty of cute dogs as well...Read on...

The cats were all kept in the cages at the tent near the flag pole. I wonder why can't we bring cats for parade. :)

The race proper...after the short parade. Bang! Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Noriah Kasnon flagged off the race.

The 4km race has begun....

This poor girl took a tumble at the start. I send this pic to The Star. Hopefully it will get published. :)

Next catergory - the disabled.

The wheelchair race...There were a couple of speed devils here. The moment the gun went off, they sped off like a true KL Mat Rempits. LOL! Too bad I didn't managed to get it on video.

Racers in action.

Some really enjoy the outings to the max. :)

At the SAS (Save a Stray) booth.

A rescued stray dog. It has only three legs. (Sob!)

Hungry after the race? No problem! Malaysian favourite, Nasi Lemak was served for breakfast.

While having our nasi lemak, we were treated to some performances like Line Dancing by the Happy Senior Citizen. Go aunties, go!

Some songs....

Some fashion shows. No lanky models for these but they were as cute. LOL!

Sexy b*tches???...;)

More dances and performances from the OKUs.

Sweet couple on stage. :)

Amelia won the first prize in her category. CONGRATS!

The beautiful medal. Only top 5 in each category got the medal. For the record, it is not mine. Borrowed from Amelia for photo shoot.

It was a wonderful outing I had. I didn't run the 4km race even though I regsitered for it. Took the time to photograph the events. By blogging this, I hope to create more awareness about helping the disabled. It just take a little bit of your time to support this type of event. It feels good to do good. I will definitely be back next year.

I would like to leave you with this heart warming performance from the children with special needs. You can see they give their 100% performance. Sorry about the jerky camera movements. My eyes got teary watching them through the viewfinder. Don't know why. I felt so humbled and incredibly lucky of what God has given to me.....

Click HERE for more info about the Spastic Children's Association of Selangor & Federal Territory.

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hi! i came across your blog while looking for photos of the annual wheel-a-thon events. i'm doing a fundraising for this year's event and planning to promote it through my fb. can i use your photo thanks :)



Hi Ahmad, pls go ahead. Do send me the details of your event if you want me to post it in my blog.

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