Friday, November 14, 2008

An Ode To Nike Lunar Trainer+

I would like to introduce to you these wonderful shoes,

Lunar Trainer+ has just hit the market, they are so new,

I have worn them for few races, and this is the review,

Not only I ran, but in them, I flew.....

Appearance-wise, Lunar Trainer+ is such a delight,

The breathable mesh upper is striking white,

And the yellow Lunarlite foam base are glowing bright,

Adorned with "Swoosh" logos, they are simply a sight!

The midsole construction was from aerospace industry,

The Lunarlite technology that has 30 years of history,

Bouncy and responsive with excellent absorption of energy,

Yet retaining the feather weight with enhanced stability.

If you have a Nike+ sensor, you're in luck,

'Coz in these shoes you can have your sensor tucked,

Paired your iPod, you can get your feedback plugged,

Don't you think this provides a bigger bang on your buck?

When it come to pamper your tired feet,

Nike Lunar wearers are in for a treat,

'Coz they are so comfortable on the street,

No hard impact, no surrender and no defeat.

Lunarlite paradigm shifting technology is something to shout about,

The superior cushioning is something that I can't do without,

Super soft landing like astronaut bouncing, beyond any doubt,

I'm hooked on my Lunar Trainer+, day in day out.

No matter your speed is fast or slow,

Running in them are like running on pillow,

Some said it's like running on marshmallow,

But whatever it is make sure you give them a go,

I hope you like my shoe review in this unconventional way,

But don't just believe everything I say,

You must try it on your own, come what may,

So why wait, go and get yourself a pair, TODAY!

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