Monday, February 16, 2009

Blast from the Past: RMAF Half Marathon 2008

What? RMAF Golden Jubilee Half Marathon 2008

Where? Royal Malaysian Air Force Base, Sg. Besi Kuala Lumpur

When? 25 May 2008 (Sunday)

How Long? 21km

I just realized that I have yet to post this race report when I was browsing through my old pictures stored in my external hard disc. I supposed I was too busy at that time and have overlooked it while concentrating on the Sundown Marathon race report. Better late than never, right?

It gives me great plesure to present to you the never before seen footage captured by my little camera as I was running along the air strip. I was totally blown away by the start of this event. Not only we get to run on an air force runway for a good 2km, we were also "bombarded" the the fireworks and flares spectacular along the way. It was a race to remember.

Exclusive: Never before seen footage. CLICK PLAY

So, what do you think of the footage? Gave you headache? Heheh! Sorry for the "Cloverfield" or "Blair Witch" effect. Remember, I was running while taking the above shots.

Here are some more pictures along the way. I am bitten by the lazy bug. So, no longwinded race report - I will just let the pictures speak for themselves as we take a stroll down memory lane.

Reporting Time

Buses were provided to shuttle us to the start point. Wow!

The RMAF Air Strip. It run about 2km, parallel to the KL-Seremban highway.

Aerobic warm up session.

If You Can Believe It, The Mind Can Achive It!

Scenic - KLCC and a mosque in the background.

Road Closure announcement.

Drinking Station. Is that you Kei Meng?

Power Gel!

We ran pass the Sultan Abdul Samad Building....

Half way through...

An unusual route. We went up the flyover near the KL Train Station.

The majestic National Mosque (blue roof).


Swaggering Towards the Finish Line.

How did I do? Slow eh?? (Insert blushing face here)

Each finisher was rewarded with a beautiful medal! Thank you RMAF!

Fooling around in the air craft exhibits. After the run we visited the antique air crafts on display in the RMAF museum. Took many fun pictures with the gang. :)

The Goodie Bag!

More race reports here:


Frank Chong

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I must congratulate our RMAF for the wonderful running experience. I hope they will make it even bigger and better this year. But maybe not (I don't know) because last year's run was organised to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of RMAF. Anyway, Insert one thousand salute and cheers here for RMAF for such a well organised half marathon!!!!

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