Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love Is In The Air

This is supposed to be my Valentine’s Day post but I couldn't get on line until today. Not that I celebrate this commercially hyped up event but I think it is an apt occasion for posting this good news.

I would like to congratulate Narumol and Hajime for their marriage on March 6. They both are avid marathoners. From running partners to life partners....How romantic, right?

Narumol is my Thai one stop information provider for running events in Thailand. She is no strangers to marathons in Malaysia. She helped me a lot with registrations of many roadraces in Thailand. As for Hajime, I did bump into him a few times – KL Marathon, Angkor Wat Half Marathon and Phuket Marathon. His running principle is “slow is beautiful” and is famous for his eco-marathon concept.. Both run with cameras like me. :)

When I got the invitation to the wedding last week, I immediately booked my plane ticket to Bangkok to attend the event. Hahah! I think I just need an "excuse" for me to travel and drink some authentic Tom Yum Goong. I would love to see the traditional Thai wedding like "kharn mak" (dowry) offering and "rod nam sang" (blessing of the newlyweds).

Watch this space! Love is in the air....

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