Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Shanghai Night

What? PACM's Annual Dinner

When? 21 March 2009

Where? Royal Lake Club, Kuala Lumpur

Who? Pacesetters Athletic Club Malaysia

Why? To Celebrate PACM's 25th Anniversary

I don't feel much write up is necessary for this post. Let YouTube show you what a fun night we had celebrating PACM 25th Anniversary. Enjoy!

The Dances

Note: The dancers were not Pacesetters members. The MC kept warning the audience not to drop their chopsticks while eating and watching the show at the same time. I could understand why. :)

The Song

What is Shanghai Night without the theme song from classic TVB Series, The Bund by Frances Yip? A sharp dressed Jacky took the stage with his very own rendition of that famous song. You can see some snippets of the rehearsal too, featuring Phyllis.

Wendy's daughther, Jessie then took the stage belting a karaoke favourite, Top of The World and a Chinese duet with a chubby dude. Sorry, didn't get his name. :)

Ong Duan Tun performed two songs - a Malay number called Cinta Hampa (not in the video) and a Japanese one. I don't know the title of the Japanese number but it matches Ong's vibrato voice.

The Cake

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Pacesetters Athletic Club, Malaysia. For two and a half decades, the club has been actively promoting healthy lifestyle through running in Malaysia. Watch the cake cutting and candle blowing ceremony. The cake was later distributed to all members present at the dinner. It was simply delicious!

The Best Dressed Contestants

The Best Dressed Contestants with a Gender Twist

Watch this...you will never see them do this in a road race! Heheh!

The Winner

From 10 contestants to 4. The four were regrouped as two couples. The pairing was like a match made in heaven. LOL!

Watch as they danced their way into the audiences’ hearts. Check out their reactions when they heard the music the moment they were about to ball room dance.

Who are the winners? Watch it till the end to find out. :)

The Longest Breath

Do you think runners have powerful lungs? Five of our veteran runners took the test...with hilarious results. Watch out for Bruce. Pardon the camera shake. I was rolling on the floor laughing!

Hope you enjoyed the videos. :)


Note: Hi-resolution presentation and original files are available for a nominal fee. Please send me an email request. Thank you.

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