Monday, March 09, 2009

Wild Wild Run 2009 - Zoo Negara

What? Wild Wild Run 2009

Where? Zoo Negara, Kuala Lumpur.

When? 8 March 2009 (Sunday)

Who? Organised by der Pacemakers Network

The last trip I came to Zoo Negara, I saw a tiger poo-pooed here. This time, I saw a lion wee-weed. Hmmmmm......

Don't blame your eyes if you can't see the urine flow. I took this with my little Olympus, the zoom couldn't reach the delicate parts. LOL! Anyway, you can see the big puddle he left on the ground. It is interesting to see that he kicked his hind legs like that when he was relieving himself.

Enough of National Geographic (as if!), let's talk about THE WILD WILD RUN. I didn't run but I was part of the volunteer team. My job is to capture the inaugural event with my camera, which I happily accepted. (See below for Volunteer Team picture)

We assembled at the main entrance around 6am. It was dark and chilly. After changing into my volunteer T-Shirt, I made my way into the zoo with the others.

The path was dark, except for the kerosene lamps that lit the way. Jungle sounds filled the air. Crickets. Frogs. Birds. Occasionally the roars of the big cats.

The run started around 7:30am. The runners get to run a 1.8km loop 5 times around the zoo. So, en route, they get to see the animals like the giraffes, elephants, hippos, rhinoes, zebras, wild boars etc. Interesting eh?

I had a wonderful time being a volunteer this time. I walked in the opposite direction of the runners while taking shorts clips of their actions. Some ran fast as if they were being chased by the tiger or something. Some really took their time, running slowly and enjoying the sights and sounds of the animals.

Zoo Negara is a beautiful zoo, covered by lush greeneries. The animals are surrounded by natural looking moats even though some are still in the cages.

The morning air was fresh but occasionally my nostrils were assaulted with animal poo "aromatic" whafts. LOL!(Insert nose pinching action here).

I made a total of 1 loop around the race route. By the time I were done, some of the faster runners had already completed their couse and were enjoying their light breakfasts of Nasi Lemak and various kuihs. I especially love the corn custard! Yum! Yum!

I stayed back at the zoo after the event was over. Watched the animal show at 11:00am and then went around the zoo again checking out the animals that I missed earlier with Ryan. I took much deserved afternoon nap after I got home before I started working on the video presentation.

I snapped many pictures of the lions because I just love these big cats. Here are more pictures of the lion I video-ed earlier.

"Up up and away....."

"Come down here! Told you not to mess up our den! How many times I have to tell you not to wet the ground and use the potty!"

"Hahaha! I'm untouchable up here!"

"Oh! I like it up here. I have never see so many skinny human runners in my life. What's going on?"

Oh! It's THE WILD WILD RUN. Have you seen the latest runwitme's video??? Click PLAY please...."

Note: No animals (or humans) were injured or harmed in the making of this video. (except for a few damn mosquitoes. LOL!) Check out the official site posting here: der Pacemakers Network

Acknowledgment: Thanks to Ronnie See & Wong Kei Ming for allowing me to be part of this special event. Thanks to Amelia & Ryan for the "free transport". Thanks to everyone who made this run a rip roaring success. (Insert applause here!)

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