Monday, August 16, 2010

Mohan Celebrates 100th Marathon Before Turning 50

Remember the exclusive interview I did with Mohan? Yes? He was the man who with 3 medals to go for his 100th marathon after completing the Standard Chartered KL Marahon then.

Well, he made it! That's 100 X 42km (or more because some of his events are actually ultramarathons)

This man accomplished his dream on 1 Aug when he crossed the finish line of the Brisbane Marathon.

To celebrate his amazing feat, we threw a surprise party for him at the start of River Jungle Marathon (which was his 101 marathon!) at Hulu Langat last Sunday.

Starting back at zero again. :D

Hey Mohan, CONGRATS again! You're such an inspiring marathon runner! Always going the distance to help your fellow runners to cross the 42km finish line. Honking! Whistling! And cheering to the finish!

Check out the video here. You can drop your congratulatory notes for Mohan in the comment section. I will make sure he reads it. Heheh!


Mohan, as listed in MarathonManiac....

Check out what, when and where Mohan did those 100 Marathons HERE.

4 Comment Wit Me:



Congratulations mr mohan!!! Remembered him when in Gold Coast Marathon...very funny guy..



Congrats Mohan. u r such an inspiring being. wishing you many more marathons to come . . . .

Khairul Anuar


I loved this video and also the other one PT! But the singing...LOL

Trent Morrow


Hi there,

Thank you so much for your great website and the celebration of Mohan's 100 marathons.

It would be much appreciated if you could please pass on my contact details to Mohan as I have lost his card following recent marathon events.

Please see my website at and kindly ask Mohan to drop me a email at or find me on Facebook. Look forward to hearing from you guys soon.

All the best for a great year ahead in 2011.

Happy running,

Trent "Marathon Man" Morrow

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