Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Celebrunner: Jaafar Onn & Haiza @ Dorsett Regency Hotel's Citarasa Selera Buka Puasa Promotion

Thanks to the generous people of Dorsett Regency, we get a chance to run to the buffet table like Chef Jaafar Onn (JO) for the "Buka Puasa" feast. In fact, this is our second year having a break fast session with celebrity chef JO and Haiza, a famous dangdut singer at Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Regency Hotel, KL. Remember the hit Dag Dig Dug? Heheh!

Smell something good?

Just like the year before, the Dorsett Regency Hotel's Ramadhan promotion Citarasa Selera offers diners a sumptuous buffet of traditional and international cuisines combined with live entertainment by Chef JO and Haiza.

We are spoilt with choices of what to eat. From the local favourite, satay... the sushi spread. Yummy! If only we have four tummies like the ruminants. LOL!

My favourite fried cempedak and other fried kuihs.


More cakes...

My favourite dish of the evening is Sup Rusa or Deer Soup. It is slurp-a-licious. With not too overpowering taste of herbs and spices, the deer meat is tender and delicious. We give it a 10!

I don't think any other places out there offer Sup Rusa for buka puasa. So, it is a must try!

Haiza helping herself to the yummy desserts of Malay and Nyonya cakes.

The food must be good when you see the buffet line is buzzing with hungry people. Heheh!

While still tucking food to fill in whatever space that still left in the tummy, Chef JO and Haiza entertained us with numerous Malay hits.

Chef JO had us in stitches with the interactive games with the audience.

This boy was trying to emulate Chef JO's smile. What do you think? LOL!

The dining atmosphere was never boring. Chef JO kept the audience roaring with laughter and more. There are goodies to be given away to lucky diners too.

Chef JO cooks, sings and dances too!

We truly enjoyed the evening at the Ramadan Promotion at The Checkers Cafe, Dorsett Regency Hotel. The fun-filled atmosphere and the good food has kept us running back there again and again. We hope to do the same next year. Heheh!

Citarasa Selera Ramadhan Promotion starts from 1 August and ends on 30 August, is priced at RM75++ per person. For dining reservation, please call 03-2716 1000 ext 188.

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