Friday, August 26, 2011

Conan The Barbarian Manhunt @ GSC Signature, The Gardens

Few days ago we were invited to the Conan The Barbarian Manhunt event at GSC Signature, The Gardens Mall in conjunction with the movie’s premiere screening in Malaysia.

The event also coincided with CineAd’s, a subsidiary of Golden Screen Cinemas, 20th anniversary celebration party.

Action blockbuster Conan The Barbarian which is released in cinemas nationwide on 25th August 2011 tells of the classic story on hero Conan the Cimmerian, played by Jason Momoa in the movie.

The Conan The Barbarian Manhunt event witnessed participation from macho men with Conan-like physique. The seven shortlisted finalists who took part in the event include Silver, Tony, Kecik, Paijar Upau, Nash Roshan, Joel Laffita Rivera and Ubaidillah @ Nasri Ab. Latif.

On the event night, the seven finalists competed in a stage show to win cash and prizes. Invited guests were given the privilege to vote for their favourite muscleman in the likes of Conan.

This is how the Conan wannabes get their votes! Guests at the event were given star-shaped stickers to be stickered on their favourite contestants!

One for the left and one for the right side! Heheh!

Ubaidillah, Mr. Klang Parade 2011 is getting a lot of attention from the ladies and guys. :D

Hey..You're supposed to stick the star on the contestant, not to POKE him! Heheh!

Sticky and sweet!

We think the emcee is getting overdosed by the sheer amount of testosterone in the air. Heheh!

Let's hope they didn't stick the star at the places where the sun doesn't shine.

Twinkle...Twinkle...Little Stars.. :D

Ubaidillah @ Nasri Ab. Latif won the 2nd Prize and took home cash and prizes worth RM1,299.

The 1st prize went to Joel Laffita Rivera who won cash and prizes worth RM2,299.

The grand prize winner, 22 year-old Nash Roshan who is a fitness trainer and bodybuilder walked away with cash and prizes worth RM3,699.

After the Manhunt, all guests had the chance to be among the first in Malaysia to catch Conan The Barbarian, which opens nationwide yesterday in both 2D and 3D. Thank you GSC! :D

CONGRATS to Nash "Conan" Roshan!

Heheh! We couldn't resist from asking Nash Roshan to give us his best running pose! :D

Thank you Golden Screen Cinemas! Do check GSC out at

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