Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photos: Chap Ayam Relay Fun Run 2013 Winners & Results

The question is no longer about why the chicken cross the street but which chicken team ran the fastest and set the streets ablaze in the Chap Ayam Relay Fun Run at Padang Merbok. Each team of three ran a combined distance of 9km in this one of a kind race organised by The Chap Ayam Runners group.

Mixed Category

3rd Pacemakers Malaysia 2.0 C08 (11:34/32:20/37:25)

2nd Ayam Pencen C25 (10:17/21:25/36:15)

1st Ayam Terbang C38 (10:31/21:51/33:28)

Women Category

3rd Pacemakers Malaysia Lady Gagak B02 (15:36/31:15/48:42)

2nd Madagascar 4 B03 (15:32/32:32/48:34)

1st HRC B06 (14:55/30:06/44:50)

Men Category

3rd - Pacemakers Malaysia Limited Edition 1.1 A62 (11:08/23:32/35:56)

2nd - HRC All Boyz A41 (12:02/24:15/35:34)

1st - Pacemaker Malaysia Limited Edition 1.0 A09 (11:05/22:17/34:00)

Last but not least, the best dressed chicken goes to...

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