Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Press Release: MAKNA Founder's Run 2013


Wednesday 6th February 2013 –The countdown to the first ever MAKNA founder’s run has begun with a mere 52 days before the flag off this maiden run. MAKNA has received a favourable response from the public which has prompted the team to extend the early bird discounted rates to the 15th of February 2013.

With the run capable of accommodating to a total of 5000 participants, more people are encouraged to participate in this run which will be a fantastic way to keep fit while advocating cancer awareness.

An array of people are expected on the day, from celebrities to cancer survivors, their caretakers and the general public all partaking in this event for a very good cause: taking the first step towards eradicating cancer. Scheduled to flag off the race alongside the president and founder of MAKNA is Malaysian born supermodel, Amber Chia. A beauty with a charitable heart, she has pledged to run the miles and also took it upon herself to raise a substantial amount of money to benefit the cancer patients under MAKNA’s care.

Founded in 1994, this run will also be an event to mark MAKNA’s 19th year of existence. Through that duration MAKNA has extended its arms to close to 150,000 cancer patients be it assisting them physically or financially.

An apt tagline “A Dream, A Reality, A Legacy” was chosen to reflect MAKNA’s humble beginnings which was a dream, to its peak of being the number one cancer organisation in Malaysia, and lastly the founder Dato’ Mohd Farid Ariffin’s strong legacy he wishes to leave behind. When Dato’ Farid founded MAKNA, he did his best to make his vision a reality; to ensure that every person affected by this illness is given the rights to treatment immaterial of their social status, class, or creed. Today, his vision makes up the very foundation of MAKNA, with it helping over 4,000 cancer stricken patients annually.

President and founder of MAKNA, Dato’ Farid Mohd Ariffin said “There is an extraordinary sense of coming together for the common good in this event, and that is quite unique. It is great to see people of all walks of lives giving their time for a cause so important it can potentially save thousands of lives”. “Not only do they feel the satisfaction of helping a person in need but they also get to do so while working on keeping their bodies in healthy physical shape” he added.

More corporate sponsors have come forward to contribute and make this event a successful one. Among those who have pledged to provide their incalculable support are Sportive, 100plus, Asics, Milo, PFC, Gardenia, AirAsia Foundation, Celebrity Fitness, Station One, Pathlab, Healthy Beauty Mall, Restyle, 3Thirds, Men's Health, Shape, iNPublishers & Creative Home X.

There will be a total of 7 different categories open to the public. From the conventional Men’s open (12km), Men’s Veteran (12km), Women’s Open (12km), Women’s Veteran (12km), Men’s Open (7km), and Women’s Open (7km) to the unconventional Fun Run which encourages participants to dress up in their wackiest ensemble. In short, there is a category available for almost every age group.

A total of RM 14,000 in cash prizes to be awarded on the day of the event and 2 return tickets to ANY ASEAN destination of choice by AirAsia Foundation up for grabs among others.
All in all, this will be a fulfilling day knowing that each individual who participated have directly made a difference in the fight against cancer.

For more info, click http://maknafoundersrun.com/

Source: MAKNA official press release.

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