Tuesday, October 01, 2013

First Look: Larian Gegar 2013 Finisher Medal & Official Tees

Nice medal, eh?

Blue for the boys and pink for the girls.... But it's no crime if you wanna switch colours. Heheh!

What? Larian Gegar 2013

When? 23 November 2013 (Saturday) 6:30am

Where? Dewan Tunku Cancelor, Universiti Malaya

Who? Organised by Kolej Kediaman Tuanku Kurshiah (Third Residential College), University of Malaya in collaboration with KKTK Runners

How far? 10K, 5K

How much? RM40 for 10K & RM35 for 5K

How to register? Register online at http://www.myraceonline.com/

Need more info? Click LIKE http://www.facebook.com/lariangegar

3 Comment Wit Me:

Azwan GP






Nice shirt. nice medal. what else do u expect with 40/35 bucks that u paid?

Azwan GP


@Anon: Shirt design is nice, but the material is not so nice. The shirt will stick to your body once you sweat. I've joined this run last year. For only RM20/25. I can't remember

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