Monday, April 21, 2014

First Look: Daiso Run Finisher Medal?

"You can also be a medalist".

With a tag line like that we are sure this run is gonna sell out in no time. Anybody can join this run and get this shiny finisher medal. We know some of you out there are finisher medal junkies who wouldn't bat an eyelid to sign up for a race just because you want THAT finisher medal.

Why pay for a race which costs more than RM70 just for the medal? At Daiso, the amazing store where everything is sold with a unique value and amazingly low price, you can get one for only RM5.

What? Daiso Japan Medal Run

Where? Third rock from the Sun.

When? Any time when you feel like running.

How far? 1km, 5km, 10km, 21km, 42km, 100km... It's really up to your fancy. You can even opt for the 0km, Instant Gratification Fun Run.

How much? RM5 only

How to participate? Go to any Daiso outlet near you and purchase the medal for RM5 only and then head for your own run! :)

Runwitme Says: The medal comes in two colours - gold and silver. You can customize it with name sticker (inclusive).

Hey! guys what are you waiting for? Make a run for it. Don't forget to take lots of selfies during your run and pose with your beautiful medal after. Heheh! :)

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