Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Join FRANKATHON and Run to Find a Cure for Cancer

2014 marks the third consecutive year Frank is running the Comrades Marathon – world’s oldest and most challenging 89.28km ultra-marathon in South Africa. Frank is running the Comrades Marathon on 1 June 2014 and will be contributing the “downhill” run to raise awareness and funds for cancer research in CARIF!

In support of Frank's run, CARIF is organizing the one and only; Frankathon! We hope to get people in groups to run together at this event and sponsors to "Pledge a Kilometer" for cancer research, all in the name of solidarity for cancer awareness and the on-going research to help people beat this dreaded condition.

There are TWO ways to join this fun cause.


1) Go for a run
2) When you're done, snap a selfie and get verified.
3) Share it on our Facebook page at with the hashtag #OutrunCancer

For every kilometre you complete, our sponsors pledge RM1 towards cancer research!
Otherwise, visit Bangsar Village from 29 May to 1 June 2014 and donate your Kilometers by running on the treadmills.


Top 3 teams to complete the 89.28km Frankathon in the fastest/shortest time will receive medals.

Come and join the Frankathon in just 3 simple steps:

1) Register with with FRANKATHON
2) Form a team and book a slot
3) RUN the 89.28km Frankathon

For more info, click here.

Registration form can be downloaded here :

Terms and conditions

1) Registered teams of maximum 20 people per team to collectively run 89.28km on 4 Treadmills in 3 hours
2) Registration fee per team is RM90 (Registration form :
3) No limit to the number of times a member can be on treadmill
4) 4 team members will run at the same time on 4 Treadmills
5) The total kilometers and time clocked will be added and calculated to derive at your team achievement
6) Top 3 teams who completed the 89.28km in the fastest/shortest time will receive a medal
7) All participants will receive a Frankathon certificate
8) Bibs for team to be collected 15 mins before the team run

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