Friday, September 19, 2014

MFBEA Anggerik Waiters' Race 2014 (Larian Pramusaji Anggerik 2014)

This is not your usual road race but what we know some running is involved and participants are required to balance the drink on tray on one hand along the determined route. Participants will only be judged if they complete the full route without any breakages, any missing items from the tray. Sounds like fun, eh?

MFBEA-Anggerik Waiters Race 2014' organized by Association of Food and Beverages Executive Malaysia (MFBEA) and co-organized byTourism Malaysia and Tourism Selangor.

Note: MFBEA Anggerik Waiter’s Race is open to all employees of hotel, restaurants, café, students hospitality industry, corporate, financial institutions, celebrities and media, associations, and foreign embassies in Malaysia to compete as a team

For details: Click HERE.

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