Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More than 6,000 participants gear up for the MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day

Penang, 19 March 2017 - MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day returns to Penang on the grounds of Padang B, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), serving over 6,000 participants a wholesome breakfast, complemented with exciting activities aimed at educating parents about the importance of breakfast, and the role it plays in fulfilling children’s daily energy needs.

Kicking off with the 3km MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Run, runners and their families were treated with a host of exciting activities including Zumba sessions, cooking demonstrations, and treasure hunts, alongside a healthful breakfast. Mohd Saad bin Hj. Din, Senior Deputy Registrar, Student Development Affairs & Alumni Division, and Muhamad bin Mohd Hanif, Director of Sports and Recreation, USM officiated at the event.

Philomena Tan, Business Executive Officer, MILO® Business Unit said: “Even after four years, the MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day is still the nation’s most anticipated breakfast event. We are thrilled to be back here in Penang for the second time, as we continue to reach out to families across the country, championing the importance of a wholesome breakfast paired with MILO®, which helps to efficiently release the energy from food.”

This year, MILO® aims to educate parents about the actual daily energy requirements of their children, which are higher than expected. Based on an internal study reveals that a child expends up to 1,500 kcal on an average school day, which is as much energy needed to climb a mountain, swim 50 laps in a pool, or even run a half marathon.

While a balanced breakfast can help provide children the energy they need to take on the day, it is essential to ensure that the energy from the food consumed is also efficiently released.

“We encourage parents to start their children’s day right with a balanced breakfast and MILO®, so that they can get the most out of the meal. MILO® contains calcium, Activ-Go™, a unique combination of PROTOMALT® and essential micronutrients – vitamins and minerals – which helps them to perform at their best, mentally and physically,” added Tan.

Running in its 5th year, the MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day is part of MILO®’s initiative to inculcate healthier breakfast habits in Malaysians. The event in Penang this year saw a variety of fun activities and games for all members of the family including life-sized board games, fair games, bamboo dances, lucky draws, traditional chapteh, and much more. There were also numerous highlights for the public to enjoy including drum performances, and cheerleading.

Penang is the first city to host this year’s MILO® Malaysia Breakfast Day. Last year, the city saw a participation of over 5,000 participants.

In the coming weeks, the Malaysia Breakfast Day will be held in the following cities across Malaysia:

For more information on the MILO® Malaysia Breakfast campaign and how to register for the upcoming Malaysia Breakfast Day events, please visit:

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