Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review: LIFEPROOF FRĒ For Iphone 7 Case

Your iPhone 7 doesn’t come cheap! So, some kinda of protection is necessary to protect your investment from damages. Here’s a nifty iPhone 7 case called FRĒ from LifeProof which is well-known for its premium phone cases. Thanks to LifeProof Asia, we received a sample for review.

FRĒ offers 360° to your iPhone 7 with built-in screen protector. It is waterproof, submersible to 2 meters for 1 hour. It protects your phone from dirt and snow. It can survive drops from 2 meters, which is slightly more than the height where you are holding your phone standing up.

Installing the case is quite easy and straightforward. But before you install it, please make sure you do a water immersion test for the case just to make sure the case is good. The instruction is inside the leaflet that comes with the box. Make sure you have clean fingers and clean the surface of the phone with the microfiber cloth included in the box.

Our first impression of FRĒ is an excellent waterproof and tough case. It is sleek and not too bulky, therefore it doesn’t feel that thick in the pocket or armband, for you runners out there. It feels good in the hand even when it is wet and it doesn’t have that rubbery or sticky feel.

It looks good and even has a little window to show your iPhone Apple logo. Or you can customise it by putting a photo or picture of your choice there. Everything is fully covered including the lightning port. The lightning port can be easy access by flipping the cover. The speakers are fully covered but the sound quality is still acceptable, with the help of the external speaker grills that direct the audio out from the phone. We have no problem making calls or playing music with the case installed.

With the case on, the touch ID works very well. You can swipe, type or text quite smoothly. However, we do notice some degree of clarity deterioration with the screen protector. But it is not a deal breaker! If you prefer a crystal-clear, original screen view, you should opt for LifeProof NUUD.

Removing the case takes a little effort. You must use the little pick that is included in the box. There is another downside you must be aware of. The case will render the power and volume buttons stiffer to press. We hope it will get better over time.

All in all, FRĒ is an awesome waterproof case. It comes with a hefty price-tag though. But hey, your iPhone can only be submerged for 1m for ½ hour but with the FRĒ case, the protection is doubled - 2m for 1 hour! It will give you a peace of mind when you bring it out to the trail or running in the rain. Your heart won’t drop when your phone does.

LifeProof FRĒ is available for RM329. For more info, please visit

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