Saturday, July 20, 2019

A Brand New Phase, A Brand New Look - Signature Market Launches Newly Improved Packaging

Edwin Wang (right) & John Cheng - Co-Founders of Signature Market

Signature Market, a popular natural and organic snacks brand that delivers its orders directly to its customers’ doors today has unveiled the new packaging for its three best-selling products - Healthy Nut Mix, Low Carb Mix and Omega-3 Trail.

The new packaging is made of aluminium laminates that give the products better protection from external elements, longer shelf life and retains the freshness. Gone is the old boring green pack; the new packaging features some snazzy colours to differentiate the three products with some eye-catching graphics of the product inside.  

Signature Market, which uses only 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives, is confident that the consumers would love the brand's new look.

A Brand New Phase, A Brand New Look 
Signature Market is well-known for the slow-baking technique for their roasted nuts - which said to retains the nutrients, improves flavours of the products. High heat and temperature break down nutrients and create unhealthy chemical compounds. Baking at low temperatures at a longer hour improves the flavour and reduces the need for additional seasoning or sauces. The rich wholesome flavours come directly from the ingredients themselves.

New aluminium packaging for fresher and longer-lasting shelf life.

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