Monday, April 04, 2005

The Ultimate Resource for Running on Film Posted by Hello I stumble upon this fabulous website while I was surfing for marathon resources. Running is my passion. Watching movies is my passion too. So, watching movies about running should be a double-whammy; ka-pow; ka-boom-bang; passion on top of passion thingy. While surfing through this site, I could feel my fingertips tingling with excitement. My heart was beating faster and faster. My breathing became faster. My pupils dilated. I let out a sigh! Almost orgasmic. Hahah! This site entices with over 590 film, movie, and video descriptions that contain various aspects of running. I have a few in my collection – Without Limits, The Long Journey, Forrest Gump and Power Yoga for Runners. Very few compared to the amounts of movies listed here. Is God sending me a message to increase the running movies in my collection? Hmmmm…I think I need to tighten my belt and save first. At the meantime let me drool over the amazing movie titles available here. (Insert saliva dripping sound effect here!) Click here to go to

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