Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Battle of Divas: Misha VS Jac

Hari Raya in May and then some Posted by Hello Konsert Fenomena bersama Misha Omar & Jaclyn Victor was recorded in front of a live audience at Auditorium Besar RTM, Angkasapuri. This is one if the many programs lined up for Hari Raya celebration in November. Date: 31 May 2005. Time: 9:00am. Dress code: Smart. I know, I know. This supposed to be a running blog and you probably wonder why on the timing chip mat are Misha and Jac doing here? Well, with slight modification of Leslie Gore’s ditty, here’s my comeback to you – It’s my blog and I write what I want to, write if I want to…. Anyway, the question is not about what I write in my blog, it is why you read it…hehehe. Just kidding. As running, live concert is one of my passions, especially free of charge ones. When I heard from my producer friend that Misha & Jac (First Malaysian Idol), I quickly reserved a couple of tickets for the show. The tickets were given free to RTM viewers. I went with my ex-colleague, Tan. We arrived at the Auditorium Besar at about 8:10pm. The hall was started to swell with people. We managed to get out seats, three row from the stage, with slight blockage from one of the camera. No problem. At least we don’t have to sit on the stair. I was surprised to see the strange decoration on the stage – greetings card, an old bicycle and kerosene lamps (pelita). The show started about 9:10pm. 10 minutes late due to some “technical glitches”. It was announced that the show was being recorded for Hari Raya in November. That explained the strange set. Misha and Jac appeared in their traditional garbs with a bunch of kids and a few dancers. Sang a couple of Hari Raya songs. Jac forgot her lyrics in one of the songs and it had to be rerecorded. (Insert Yawn here). I sneaked in my camera even though taking pictures during the show was banned and had secretly taken these pictures. You see it first here. The rest of the world will have to wait for another 4 months. Misha appeared again, this time, solo to render a few of her hits. She started off with her power ballads – Bunga-bunga Cinta (my absolute favourite). Never tired of listening to this one. The crowd adored her! She followed suit with another power ballad – Pulangkan. We were given glow sticks by the prop handler of the show and asked to gently wave it left and right during the song. We did it obediently like a bunch of kindergarten kids. If you see a dorky guy waving frantically his glow stick like a mini light saber in the audience, that was me. Misha ended her solo set with a medley of a Malay song that sounded suspiciously like Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and a cover of Jamelia’s Superstar. She should so loose those horrid dancers. Jac appeared. While waiting for the prop to be set up, she playfully sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars,” referring to the cardboard cut out star décors that were found hanging above the stage. The prop master was handling out cardboard hearts. We were asked to hold out her posters when she sang. Jac moved to the audience and went on to render a sickly sweet rendition of Nat king Cole’s classic – When I Fall In Love. I hate this version. But I guess the crowd loved it, judging from the thundering applause. What was Jac’s second song? What else if not Gemilang, her winning song? It came complete with tacky star mobiles above the stage. Was her rendition good? Sad to say, it came pale compared to her lung-bursting vocals in her Malaysian Idol Final last year. To be fair, she still shines as one of Malaysian “super” singers. What was her medley? Hmm..the show was getting so predictable now, eh? Alicia Key’s If I Ain’t Got You and Di Pohon Cemara (one of the forgettable songs from her album).

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