Friday, January 13, 2006

Booty and The Beast

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The Booty

I finally got my eager hands on Madonna - Confessions On The Dance Floor Special Edition CD. I didn't know that it was available here until I was informed by Alex, who bought his copy from MPH, Bangsar last Sunday. I called up BW, who is a Madonna fan as well. BW went to call up all records stores for the CD. Our jaws dropped when we were told that all sold out. Tower Records. Rock Records. Victoria Music Centre. All SOLD OUT!!! BW finally got through to MPH 1-U. They still have 1 copy there. BW quickly reserved it for himself. Alamak! I went to sleep that night thinking of Madonna.(Insert toss and turn here)

On the next day (Monday), I called up MPH Midvalley sharp at 10:00am. I squealed with excitement when the gentleman at the other end told me that they still have one copy. I quickly ask the gentleman, called Ah Guan to reserve it for me. Time goes by so slowly...tick tock tick tock. I was counting minute to 5:15pm. Dashed to Midvalley after work to collect the CD and still make it on time for my yoga class.

The CD comes with 2 booklets - one glossy booklet 44pages with photos of air-brushed to perfection Madonna's booty and the other one is a blank note book for you to write your confession, complete with Madonna's doodles. There is an extra song - Fighting Spirit, a perfect song to shake your booty to. At RM59.90, it is a steal as BW called it - confessions wrapped in exquisite gloss.

The Beast

I must thank BW for going all the way to 8TV to collect my King Kong prize I won from Reel Review program. Thank Gawd he was not assaulted by the "longkang" or injected with unknown fluid when he was at the TV3 Building. (Insert Sharifah Aini background music here...heheheh!). What did I win? A nostril flaring King Kong poster, a super-cool black T-shirt and a complimentary pass to watch King Kong for 2. Wonderful.....(Insert chest thumping and happy roar here).

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