Saturday, January 14, 2006

Long Khong

(Spoiler Alert) I decided that I had to watch this Thai movie based on the movie poster (above) alone. It look so bloody brutal. I was not disappointed. (Insert evil laugh here). The story is build around black magic – retribution and revenge, with a very Sixth Sense twist at the end. In between, you get a bunch of screaming teenagers running around like headless chickens before getting “creatively” massacred one by one with common household items like fishhooks, geckos (these little ugly things burst out from inside the skin – very Alien-like hehehe!), boiling oil, boiling water, blow torch, a pair pliers (to pull nails and teeth out) and power drill. Watch out for the pussy-eating granny. (Poor kitty…). Some bits in the movie are censored especially the sex scene (Yes, there are a few. But NO, it doesn’t involve granny!Hahah!). Will try to get the original DVD version in Thailand. This is a much better watch than Korean flick, The Wig. It comes with a moral of story too – don’t mess with black magic or black magic will mess with you. Bloody good na? Note: The below movie posters are downloaded from the net. You will never get to see these posters at the cinema in Malaysia.

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