Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Get Wiggy Wit It

Something Wigged This Way Comes Posted by Picasa

(Spoiler Alert!)

The movie posters are cool. (Selected as Top 5 Posters in Korea). The trailer is engaging. The story line sounded promising - a tale of two sisters (wink!), one terminally ill and one had got her vocal chord ripped in a freak accident. (Note: Thank goodness that she lost her voice, the audience is saved from eardrum busting screams hahah!)

The wig is a gift that Chi-hyon gives to her younger sister Su-Hyon, who loses her hair after chemotherapy. Sibling rivalry develops as little sis’ gets an A.T.T.I.tude (snap! snap!) from wearing the demonic hairpiece. The sisters then compete for the attention of Chi-hyon’s useless boyfriend. Their bizarre love triangle is dimensionally complicated by the introduction of a transvestite love interest in a flashback near the end of the film. Was the boyfriend actually gay all along? Hmmmmmm......(Insert deep intellectual thoughts here).

Despite all, the actual movie is far from a hair-raising experience. Lack scares. Nothing special about the special effects. Hated the transvestite twist at the end. Hated the ending where Chi-hyon violently bashes her sister’s brain out with a Nikon classic camera. (Stop b*tch! That’s a very nice CAMERA!).

If you plan to watch The Wig for a good scare, you might want to reconsider. Heck! Sami Vellu's wig is scarier!

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