Monday, September 04, 2006

Jamboree or Jam-BORING Dinner? Posted by Picasa

The organizer promised, “For the first-time ever, join in the fun at the Genting Trailblazer Jamboree Dinner where you can relax, unwind and enjoy a sumptuous buffet while enjoying a night of music, entertainment and fun around a campfire.”

What we get was a free soup refill from the sky (read: RAIN), lousy food and a campfire that was barely burning. We left right after dinner, not bothered to wait for the entertainment part.

I had nothing good to say about the dinner, which was held on the eve of AGTB. Let’s get this over.

1) Dinner started at 7:30pm even though it was printed on the meal voucher that it would start at 6:30pm. I didn’t know that the organizer followed Thailand time.

2) The food was lousy. The chicken was tasteless. The soup was bitter. No second helping, thank you very much.

3) Not enough tables for everyone. Hey, we paid RM45 for the dinner, at least give us proper table to eat on.

4) No shelter from the rain. It started to drizzle right before dinner. They should have prepared more tents as it had been raining in Genting Highlands for the pass few days. They set up two tents only for the VIPs. Idiots!

5) Not enough light. We could barely see what we were eating. Pity those who took the fish. Thank God no one choked on fish bones.

6) No transport provided to the Long House where the dinner was held. We had to walk 15 minutes to reach there. No proper signage to direct us to the location. The road was dark when we walked back after dinner, except for some occasional light from the oncoming traffic.

Verdict: The Jamboree Dinner SUCKED!

Note to self: Next time, eat at Rajawali Coffee House inside Awana Resort instead. The food may not be better (insert snigger here) but it is cheaper - RM30++ only. No need to walk so far. No need to worry about rain or creepy crawlies.

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