Monday, September 11, 2006

The Putrajaya International Marathon 2006

What? Putrajaya International Marathon 2006

Start Where? The Palace of Justice, Putrajaya, Malaysia

When? 10 September 2006 (Sunday), 6:30am

How Long? 21km

Marathon Start Posted by Picasa

It was my second Putrajaya half marathon. The memory of my first Putrajaya half marathon was a painful one. Humpty dumpty had a great fall last year. Heheh! Actually, I fell and sprained my ankle at the first 1 km of the run. Despite seeking medal attention, I walked the rest of the 20km. Don’t ask me why I did it. Could be that I was young (ahem!) and stupid then. Heheh!

Because of that, I was out of action for months. (Read about my ordeal last year here). Not letting the pas memory haunt me, I decided to face off the tarmac of Putrajaya this year again.

I started very slowly, keeping my eyes on the road. I was not going to allow another fall. Actually, my feet were still hurting due to the TARA “reflexology race” the day before. I was not able to stand on one foot, as the pressure would hurt my heel. I guess I just had to grit my teeth and complete the race.

I arrived at the start point (in front of The Palace of Justice), a quarter to 6am. Saw a few familiar faces. Among them was Shutehelup from Singapore. Didn’t see IMD this time though. Suddenly Narumol, the super Thai marathoner jumped out of nowhere to greet me. Heheh! So good to see her again. Narumol had completed ALL the full marathons in Malaysia in 2006 (KL, Sarawak, Penang and Putrajaya) and many more in her own country.

I kept my photo taking to a minimum and focus my eyes on the road. My target is always complete within qualifying time. As usual, no need to rush. There was no plane to catch. It was an enjoyable run. The weather was hot but not scorching. What a great way to see Putrajaya - from the beautiful Seri Perdana Bridge, the futuristic Seri Wawasan Bridge to the Putrajaya Convention Centre, an alien spacecraft look-alike. We passed by the Istana Melawati, Perdana Putra (the Prime Minister Office complex), the Putrajaya Mosque and many more. Slowly and surely, I made it to the finish line. I am really glad that I didn’t have to visit the one landmark this time – The Putrajaya Hospital. (Insert sigh of relief here).

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