Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Boney M. Live In KL

Hooray! Hooray! It's Boney, Boney M! Posted by Picasa

I went to a Boney M concert yesterday. There, I said it. My confession for the week. Heheh! Free tickets courtesy of my radio-call-in-contest-winning-friend, Marianne. Her nimble fingers for speed-dialing had won her 4 tickets for the show at Istana Budaya.

The show was opened by Ito (from the Blues Gang), Jay Jay and Mat Glamour. I was kinda transported back to my pimply teenage years during the show. I could still remember the lyric and sing along to "Apo Nak Dikato" by The Blues Gang. The song was huge during those years. Ito also sang another catchy number "Oh Mama Saya Mahu Kahwin." Jay Jay sang 2 numbers. Mat Glamour and Ito performed a very fun dikir barat number - Lamo Tak Jumpo. By then, the crowd was already warmed up and clapping like nobody's business.

We were seated behind a row of chair marked "Kerabat Diraja Negeri Sembilan". They seemed docile, prim and proper until Boney M came on stage. They stood up clapping and moving to the songs. Of course, we also stood up and shamlessly boogied with a funky abandon throughout the show. Get freaky, baby! Heheh!

Boney M (they were anything else but boney, heheh!) worked up the crowd like magic. I guess we were very familiar with the super infectious songs filled with little bit of reggae, disco, funk, soul and rock. I practically grew up listening to Boney M. My uncle is a huge fan.

With original member Maizie Williams on board, they brought the house down with a total of nine songs. Those daring enough even went up the stage at one point. Even though we do not know the lyrics to the whole songs, we still can enjoy singing the chorus parts.


Boney M: Brown girl in the ring

Crowd: Tra la la la la la

Boney M: She looks like a sugar in the plum

Crowd: Plum Plum!

Song List of the Night: Dady Cool, Sunny, Hooray Hooray It's A Holi-Holiday, Belfast, Ma Baker, Rasputin, Brown Girl In The Ring, No Woman No Cry and Rivers of Babylon.

It was a very fun night, different type of fun from the Pussycat Dolls. I can't imagine a Pussycat Dolls concert say in 30 years time like what Boney M did. To cap up the special night, I managed to get my CD and a magazine autographed by Boney M. So Daddy Cool!!!!Heheh!

Special Acknowledgement: To Marianne and Mum for inviting Jennie and I for the concert. We had lotsa fun. Terima kasih, daun keladi...Heheh!

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