Sunday, October 15, 2006

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However, this sequel not as good as the original. I think the over familiarity is to blame. Everything is so predictable: Ghost jumps out from attic. Blue little boy that meow like a cat underneath the table. The throaty “kkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooo” sound whenever the female ghost is making her entrance. A creepy shower scene (It was butchered by our censor anyway). There was a scene involving Edison Chen in the dark room, which reminds me of the Thai horror movie – The Shutter. (The Shutter is a must watch if you like Asian horror flick).

Having two noisy idiots sitting right behind us also didn’t make our movie experience enjoyable. You see, there were two loud Indian idiots who kept talking through the show. I think that fler’s name is Vickneswaren or something – the guy who dressed up as the grim reaper and one of his idiot friends. I remember seeing him on the stage during the game session. They are two certified donkeys. Obnoxious and never listen despite our many attempts to shush them up. Not only they talked loudly, they also made hell lots of noise with their snack and yawned loudly.

I am not sure which one is scarier- watching Kayako’s grudge devour her victims or watching The Grudge 2 with Tamil commentary!

Ironically, we walked out of The Grudge 2 holding a GRUDGE against those two donkeys…..

(Note: You may replace “donkey” with a similar animal that starts with an “a”).

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