Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hunting For Fun

What? The Sun Walk Hunt @ 1 Utama

Where? Rainforest, 1 Utama

When? Oct 14, 2006 Saturday (1:30pm onwards)

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I was looking forward for this hunt after the disappointing Kuala Selangor Nature Hunt last weekend. The CoC was TimeOut Solution, which I think one of the better hunt organizers in Malaysia.

There were four persons in our team – Amy, Fenny, Adrain and I. We were given 25 questions to answers and 2 treasures to buy. The questions were spread over three floors. So, our strategy was really to divide and conquer. Ad and Fenny tackled the second floor, while Amy and I did the ground and first floor.

One of the clue really tickles me.

Confused lad with ring.

Being an arden fan or Lord of The Rings, Frodo quickly sprung to my mind. So, I was looking high and low for Frodo Baggin or something related with the hairy footed hobbit. Don’t you think Frodo is one complete confused whack? Heheh!

We didn’t find Frodo but we got ALDO instead. (Confused = anagram clue. LAD => ALD. Ring => O). (Insert 2 marks here.Heheh!)

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